In which these are catching my eyes and my heart this weekend

For your lazy weekend reading, a few good choices that I recommend:

Me, Elsewhere

My post about Eat, Pray, Love was picked up at 5 Minutes for Parenting.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Or Not): Back to School for Parents is over at Fraser Valley Pulse. This was one the result of talking to other parents since my eldest is just starting 2 day a week preschool right now.


No matter your views on feminism, this is a raw and emotional piece worth reading in its entirety by Alice Walker’s daughter, How My Mother’s Fanatical Feminist Views Tore Us Apart. When she dared to have a baby, her mother disowned her.


Probably the most kick-you-in-the-gut-and-leave-you-crying thing I’ve read in ages. This mama has been to hell and back but she gets it.

101 Things to Do Instead of Yelling or Spanking from Code Name: Mama. So practical and useful.

Here’s something fun to do with those broken bits of crayon laying around the house via Mothering. We did it this week and it turned out pretty well. Finally subscribed to Mothering magazine as well this month – so looking forward to it.

If you’re in the Lower Mainland, check out this cool cooking contest.  There is a great prize available for making a short 3 minute video with two generations together (you and your kid, I imagine), cooking together.

Spirituality and Faith

Rachel Held Evans wrote a powerful piece about the mosque being built in New York City, near Ground Zero, Loving Our Muslim Neighbours as Ourselves. Great antidote to most of what I’ve heard about this.

If you only read one link out of all of these, make it this one from Ann Voskamp. She’s on a trip to visit her Compassion child (anyone else with a few little faces taped to their fridge?) and gracious, if you ever wonder if that $30 or $40 you give every month makes a difference, you won’t wonder any longer.

Now THIS is an example of a church completely out of touch with the culture. *snort* (h/t @kinnon)

For the win!

Gotta cut loose! A video about dancing in movies. Makes me so happy! (if reading in email or a reader, you might need to click through to watch it – and trust me, you’ll want to!)

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In which these are catching my eyes and my heart this weekend

Catching my eyes and my heart and hopefully your attention this week:


Natural Parenting can start before conception at Simple Organic. I am absolutely baffled by natural family planning (What do you call a woman who practices NFP? Mama! har har har) But I’m becoming very intrigued, the more I learn about dangerous hormones. This seemed like a very de-mystifying article that others might enjoy.

Occasionally, I find someone online that I think “Gosh, I wish she lived next door!” Joanne is one of those women. Her post about just a small-yet-big realisation while out with her daughter is beautiful; it made me a bit weepy and very thankful. Front Row Moments at Mylestones

Most of us know this already but it’s nice to see the hospitals and governments catching on. Study: Breast-feeding Saves Lives AND Money via Salon

In light of the recent recalls on the purse-style baby carriers, Megan at Sorta Crunchy pulls it all together in a fantastic resource “Babywearing: A Time to Educate, A Time to Advocate.” Good resources there.

Most of you know about that I work with Mercy Ministries of Canada. If you have a daughter or love a girl, you need to watch this video by the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty (some images are a bit graphic) (H/T Sara at Domestic Goddessing)


How Social Media Made Me a Better Mother by Stephanie at Metropolitan Mama is a must-read for any writer/blogger/mother. Or those that love them. I know many think I’m absolutely nuts for blogging but this helped articulate part of why I do it. I don’t make money from it, like Stephanie but it still resonates. After all, I blog during the hour of naptime and do most of my Twittering in clusters of 15 minutes or so a day!

Faith and Church

Part 2 of Skye Jethani’s interesting series on Who are the De-Churched? (um, me?) This one deals more with what does the “institutional” church do with the de-institutionalized.

I’m really loving the non-cynical Don Miller. This article about 10 Reasons Pastors are Important really hit me between the eyes. As someone that struggles with institutional church and yet is married to a man that is a pastor in his heart of hearts, this helped me close a few gaps. And reminded me of many truths. Forward it to your pastor with a few more personal reasons tacked on.

Rob Bell just released a new film titled “Resurrection”. It’s brilliant. Absolutely gob-smackingly brilliant. He talks about resurrection as an idea or force, expanding beyond an event, in our lives. Gave me chills, to be honest.

Resurrection: Rob Bell from The Work of Rob Bell on Vimeo.

Simple Living

The Beauty of Living Slowly also at Simple Mom. Good reminders and practical tips.

Just for the Fun of It

The greatest Sesame Street bit of all time (showing me age here, no?)

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In which these are catching my eyes and my heart

Catching my eyes and my heart and hopefully your attention this week:


This beautiful, haunting, heart breakingly honest story about Nella’s birth and subsequent Downs diagnosis made me ache and pray and love and rejoice. (Kellie Hampton at Enjoying the Small Things)

“On this path, there is so much planting ahead of us. It feels overwhelming and sometimes the work is exhausting. Sometimes I have to unfurl from my focus on the little patch of earth in front of me, standing to stretch cramped muscles and brushing the dirt from my knees, and I look back over the ground I’ve already worked. When new green growth pushes forth fruit, my resolve is renewed. To pause to enjoy the moment, then turn back to work that waits for me. Hope. Promise. Faith. Joy.” – (Megan at SortaCrunchy)

Rhythm of the Home has just released their second volume (or is it called an issue?) of the magazine. I could love this online mag for the photos alone but the articles are inspiring. If you are seeking a more simple, mindful way to parent, this is a good resource. It’s the brainchild of a blogger I quite love/stalk, Heather at Shivaya Naturals and her good friend. Heather’s post about How to Love a Child just blessed my socks off.

I am doing a lot of thinking/reading/praying about education these days. I have absolutely no conclusions yet – public vs. private vs. homeschool vs. unschooling – let alone all of the philosophies within each of those! But for those of you that are as overwhelmed as I am about the topic, i found this quick “cheat sheet” on educational philosophies (and part 2 with more, here) rather helpful. (From Simple Homeschool)


The success of others doesn’t equal your failure so it’s important to celebrate their joys as well as your own, according to Stephanie. A good reminder. (Stephanie at Metropolitan Mama)

Faith and Church

This was an interesting start to a series that Skye Jethani is doing about the “De-churched“. I am counting myself more and more among these ranks in some ways. ” On one side the de-churched are leaving because they’ve received a false gospel that made promises God has failed to fulfill. On the other side are deeply committed Christians who are finding more meaningful authenticity, mission, and transformation outside the institutional structures of the church. What is the church supposed to do?

Simple Living

10 Beauty Products in Your Kitchen. Since I do have skin sensitivies (part of the reason for my Whole Food Challenge), this was very interesting to me. Plus from a frugalista perspective, you can’t go wrong, right? (From Simple Organic)

Just for the Fun of It

If you need a good laugh, oh, just watch this video. (RSS readers, you’ll have to click through, I believe.)

I heart parodies about Hollywood. (laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh)

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