If more women were pastors or preachers,
we’d have a lot more sermons and books about the metaphors of birth
in relation to the Christian life.
(I am kind of tired of sports metaphors.)

Because this?
This creating out of passion and love,
this carrying,
this seemingly-never-ending-waiting,
this knitting-together-of-wonder-in-secret-places,
this pain, this labour, this blurred line between joy and “please make it stop,”
this feeling of “I can’t do it” and it’s just too much,
this delivery in blood and hope and humanity?

This is the stuff of God.

I could write books about it now.
How the sacred and holy moments of life are
somehow the most raw, the most human moments.
How there is something Godly in the waiting,
in the mystery, in the fact that
we are a part of it, a partner with it
but we are not the author of it.
How you know that there is life coming
and the anticipation is sometimes exciting and other times
exhausting, never-ending.
How there is a price that you pay,
a laying-down of sorts – of your own body,
your own sleep, your own selfishness
to rise up in baptism of heart-now-outside-your-body.
How there is a small glimpse of true Love.

But we keep it quiet
because it’s just not church-y enough
and men don’t quite understand
(and they tend to be the ones preaching)
and it’s personal, private,
there aren’t words for this
and it’s a bit too much.

It’s too much pain,
too much waiting,
too much humanity,
too much God,
too much work,
too much joy,
too much love
and far too messy.

With far too little control.

How can you explain the incarnation of birth?
How can you explain the frustrating exhausting
privilege of building life?
How can you explain how time
just before the moment of truth?
And the doubt, the wonder, the empowerment
that somehow rises up up up up.

Then there is the release
the uncontrollable laughter and tears of
look at this little person
really, truly a person here.

You’re left with only metaphors
and “it’s like this….” but it’s different for everyone
(kind of like the Kingdom of God?)
and that knowing look in another woman’s eye
when you try to explain it
we know
this is the stuff of God.

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  • I totally agree! I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately…all the metaphors in my head seem to revolve around birth and breastfeeding. Lately (because I’m a NICU) nurse I’ve been thinking a lot about babies being born ready to eat versus being born too early and not ready. How many people do we push to “believe” in Jesus before they are ready to breath his spirit and “eat”.

    Sometimes too I think pastors are like Doctors and Midwives, some are very good at waiting for things to progress and others are impatient.

    Just some thoughts floating through my head these days of things that will never be preached in church! Birth really is just messy and raw, but amazing and beautiful too.

    Sometimes I think that’s where a lot of churches miss the big picture. Women have so much perspective to add that is unique to who we are, and our experience. It’s like God is so big he had to put little pieces in all of us and when we ignore one part, or people, or gender we see such a smaller picture.

    • Sarah – loved your thoughts here, and Jenn – this is gorgeous, too. Lovely, powerful truth all around.

    • Wow, Jenn! Those are great thoughts. It reminded me of a post from Kathy Escobar that deals with that very thing and I found it incredibly profound. http://kathyescobar.com/2010/09/21/spiritual-midwives/ Your perspective as a NICU nurse is so unique – I never thought of it that way and WOW@ I can totally see that now.

  • Hannah Tripp

    So… I always love what you say, but I also love the way in which you say it. Just wanted you to know I really like your “voice.”

  • Breyeo

    This was beautiful. You are such a gifted writer. thank you.

  • absolutely. “this is the stuff of God.” and it continues after birth into the parenting. i sat tonight looking at my little darlings and thinking about how very much i love them. how there is NOTHING they can ever do that would make me stop loving them. how i want the very best life for them. i want them to be full and overflowing with love. and i think God wants all of these things for me, His child, too.

    • I agree completely. And if we in our humanity are capable of such love, how much MORE is the love of God for us, right? Amazing to even contemplate!

  • (((Standing Ovation)))

  • Beautiful. And so true.

  • Mizmelly

    amen x

  • So beautifully written! Couldn’t agree more 🙂

  • Pregnancy becomes you, my dear. This is incredible. My husband and I were just talking two nights ago about what would be different if women preached, and I hate to admit it, but I couldn’t express it with any sort of coherence. But you did. Thank you so much.

  • whoa. found you from rain’s blog…sacred life….
    i LOVE this!
    just was writing some thoughts deep from my heart today…. this is so true. i’m linking to you, dear:)
    definitely following you; i can’t wait to read more of your blog! <3

  • Sarah R

    Wow….so beautiful and true!

  • Jemelene

    Aw Sarah, ya did it again.

  • Wow, how beautiful. And very, very true.

  • oh wow…just divine.

  • Andrea

    Thank you thank you thank you! I have been following your blog for about a month (which I randomly stumbled upoon, of course!) and I just love you. I love your honesty, I love that you call your kiddos tinies (so do I!), and I love that you make me think inwardly and then outwardly. I have spent most of my adult life thinking about the wrong things. Things that don’t matter. I appreciate you so much and I am loving this new journey I am on where I am using my brain and my heart like a real grown-up! Thanks for your transparency and for being so real. Plus, I think you are hilarious!

  • This post is gorgeous Sarah. I just keep re-reading it (and re-posting it to mommy friends). You are such a poet…in His image;) Thankful for you both.
    Praying for you and your family during THIS time.

  • BecomingCrunchy

    This brought tears to my eyes…one of those things that you kind of think all the time but never had the words for – you’ve expressed it beautifully. Thank you so much!

  • febowill

    Thank you for sharing the info. I found the details very helpful.


  • Stephanie

    To say this post is inspired would be an understatement.

    Thank you for thinking this. Thank you for saying it out loud. Just – thank you.

    P.S. I’m tired of sports metaphors too.