In which this is what a happy boy in the summertime looks like

So he’s in the little elephant pool and
his Dad is pouring cold water on him
and he can’t stop laughing.
He’s snorting and howling,
hollering and screaming with laughter.
His Dad is laughing just as hard as he is
and now they’re having a splash party.

And in my head, I think “Click.”
Don’t forget this

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  • emily wierenga

    YES. i know. what a beautiful boy!

  • Stephanie

    A happy boy indeed (and so handsome too).

  • JoAnn

    There's nothing better than boys and blue pools. Adorable!

  • Playing Sublimely

    Love this, so nice to meet you and visit here :)

  • Michelle

    Love it!!What a great smile Sarah!!!!

  • tiel

    More cute, than a cute thing!!!!

  • Southern Gal

    That is so sweet and funny. Enjoy it!