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I am from second hand skates, from Tim Hortons doughnuts and epic Barbie sagas.
I am from the split level red house and a family cottage and “I see the lake first!”
I am from the sweet peas, the purple thistles, the heather and the wheat waving in the fields.
I am from “One big happy family!” and freckles, from Nell and Lorna, Ken and Donald Ivor.
I am from talking too loud and bold opinions hollered while laughing too loud.
From “God has a plan and a purpose for you” and “Expect a miracle.”
I am from small gymnasiums filled with choruses, from dancing on Sundays and tongue talking.
From the farming and the truck driving, from Simpson Sears and sales.
I am from the newspaper corners at Kitchener School, from the flats in Moose Jaw, from the ice-is-finally-off-the-lake at Last Mountain Lake in the middle of a flat-no-mountains-in-sight prairie and the bonfire under the stars.
I am from the keepsake box under the stairs, the homemade life, the just-caught-my-parents-kissing-again-life, the carrots washed off with the garden hose and the crab apples. I’m from cold lake water and warm mothers, from thread bare terry cloth towels and Strawberry Shortcake wallpaper.
I’m from thick family Bibles with notes in the margins and laugh lines, from truth and reconciliation, from grudges and elusive forgiveness. 
I’m from restoration and new life, from cold winters with snow squeaking and blistering summers with mosquitoes buzzing.
From skinny girl arms wrapped around each other and secrets as delight, from paths through the back forty and cousins and quilts, oh, I’m from love.

Inspired by Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing who brought back an old meme based on this poem.

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  • Ness in Part

    That was just beautiful.

  • Oh my goodness. We were raised in the same town, went to the same church, and probably snuck out to the same high school dances (or maybe you didn’t go through that same rebellious stage I did).

    I LOVED this post. As a girl raised on the Alberta prairie, in a Pentacostal church, in the same community as my grandparents and near my grandpa’s farm I get this post. I so get this post.

    I too am from wheat waving in fields, riding the combine at harvest, youth group sleep overs, and a bunch of cousins. Oh. I think I might have to write one of these…

    • Um, yes, yes, I did, Renee – you called me out! Although I didn’t sneak out to dances…I was morethe girl in all black, under the bleachers, chain smoking and reading bad poetry. Ha! 

      Would love to read one of yours – if you do it, let me know!

  • Love! the picture.  This week I brought my step-son home with me and he was quizzing me on what was growing in the fields we drove past.  There is way too much canola and not enough wheat now, methinks!  LOL

    • I agree – the canola isn’t quite the same “feel” of nourishment.

  • Aw Sarah I love this!  Beautiful!
    And, I need to say, you have written so many gems lately.  I haven’t been able to finish reading them, much less give a thoughtful comment.  Soon, I hope to give them the time they deserve.
    And, I want to do a poem like this, too.

    • You are such a blessing, Erin – always encouraging and with such thoughtful words. I love every time you stop by here.

  • suzy @ scraps of starlight

    So vivid and colourful, I can “see” where you’re from. It’s a beautiful place!
    I had a go at this a week or so ago, I had a lot of fun doing it.

    • Thanks, Suzy (( love your blog name…so lovely!)

  • This is radiant.


    • Thanks, Stephanie – wonderful idea and I appreciate the prompt!

  • This is just all warm and fuzzy and love love love! I adore the concept, so I totally couldn’t resist doing one of my own: http://redandhoney.com/?p=1141

    I identify with so much of where you’re from, especially being a fellow Canadian, and currently living in AB (I see prairie fields as far as the eye can see from my living room window.)

    Thanks for sharing this!

    • Yours is absolutely gorgeous, Beth. Thanks for posting hte link here!

  • I love this meme that’s going around. In fact, I might do it too – if only for myself.

    • I hope you do it on your blog – I’d love to read it.

  • Alison Smith

    I love these poems!  I work with a college ministry and for discipleship groups I have my students write one of these at the beginning of the year.  Fun!  I just subscribed to your blog, thanks for writing!

  • “I’m from love.” That’s it, isn’t it? The most important thing.