In which this is the year that I am running

Sidenote: This is not me. I wish it were me, but it’s not so romantic to watch me run.

I work a few hours a week for Mercy Ministries of Canada. Every year, we hold our main fundraiser, the Run for Mercy. And every year, I organize and plan, set up tables and lend my hand to the undertaking. I hand out sandwiches or sign people up at the registration, I write letters and recruit. And I love it. I love gathering together with the Mercy family, with our residents, our graduates, our supporters, our churches, our friends.
But this year, I’m running.
This time, I want to sweat, I want to hurt, I want to be physically there, every step of the way, my heart focused on the long journey of our brave girls.

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  • Tara_pohlkottepress

    i have run 3 half marathons. none of them were pretty, but oh. the joy i found. the connection to doing something larger than myself. so, so, so happy for you! run, sarah, run! :)

  • Leanne Penny

    cheering and a touch jealous !  I always buy the shoes and even get the jogging stroller and then… I chicken out.  Tomorrows another week that I say I’ll go run… I hope I will, keep running!