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Welcome to the Practices of Parenting Carnival!

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A few months ago, I started writing about my Practices as a motherI called them Practices because that’s what us Jesus-people like to call spiritual disciplines, but they’re just the stuff that I do over and over (and over) again, kneading them like yeast into my life to help me enjoy mothering right now. Most of mine came from my own parents but I picked up a few others from books or friends or mentors.  
Parenting is very, very hard work. It’s constant. It’s tiring. Parenting will expose the parts of your heart that you can keep politely hidden from general society. It will break you in the morning, but by evening, you feel like you’ve never been happier or more fulfilled in your life. It can also be monotonous (that’s something not too many people will tell you – me? I’ll tell you.) And do you have any idea how many loads of laundry a family of five can generate? (Hint: EPIC AMOUNTS OF LAUNDRY.) 

The truth is: I enjoy mothering. I enjoy it a lot. In fact, I love it which surprised me. Even the daily quotidian rhythms of it are good, good, good
Not because I have it all figured out and do things right all of the time (I don’t) Not because I’m the best mother in the world (I’m not)Not because my tinies are absolutely perfect and the gold standard of childhood (they’re not - trust me)And not because every day is filled with rainbow-and-unicorns-and-cupcakes (I only wish).

No, the reason I enjoy mothering on the day-to-day grind is mainly because I do this stuff. And it helps me. 

If you’d like to read about my Practices of Mothering, here is the current full list

But here’s the thing: as I wrote about my own practices, I came to realise that one of my favourite parts of each post were your comments and emails. I loved hearing about how you had your own “Practices” for your family. Because that’s the thing, isn’t it? We all have Practices.  I kept learning, kept adding to my own list.

And then I wanted to hear more from you and a bit less from me on the topic.

So here we are, at a made-up Internet carnival of people, mothers, fathers, by blood or choice and sometimes both, all of us sharing what works and what we’ve learned about parenting so far. This is a celebration of us – the regular parents, the ones without everything figured out, imperfect but hopeful, usually still in the midst of it all – and all of the different, creative, crazy, beautifully sane ways that we’ve discovered to enjoy parenting these precious little souls in our care for just a few years.
Thank you so much for the time and effort that you put into your writing. I appreciate your voice in my own life and can’t wait to read.

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