In which we are artists in our own home

Remember how I said that I was working on an art project
while Brian was off working and stuff in Banff?
Well, here it is.
Meet our new stairs.
We live on the second floor 
because that’s where the kitchen and bedrooms are
but our front door, family room and 
the laundry room are on the first floor
so we have to go up these stairs
oh, um, maybe
a million times a day (or maybe that’s just me).

I know it’s not every one’s idea of cool home decor
and it looks kind of homemade (because it is).
We had just bare wooden steps, 
painted white.
We already know that if we ever sell this house and move again
(please God no)
the buyer will want to do something to them
carpet or laminate or whatever
because who wants painted stairs but us?
So we could have as much fun here as we wanted
and we decided to start being artists in our house too.
So can I be honest?

Here is what it says, if you can see very clearly in the photos:
In our house
we do second chances
we do grace
we do real
we do mistakes
we do I’m sorry
we do loud really well
we do art
we do hugs
we do joy
we do family
we do peace
we do love.

The full effect
So what do you think?

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