In which we are artists in our own home

Remember how I said that I was working on an art project
while Brian was off working and stuff in Banff?
Well, here it is.
Meet our new stairs.
We live on the second floor 
because that’s where the kitchen and bedrooms are
but our front door, family room and 
the laundry room are on the first floor
so we have to go up these stairs
oh, um, maybe
a million times a day (or maybe that’s just me).

I know it’s not every one’s idea of cool home decor
and it looks kind of homemade (because it is).
We had just bare wooden steps, 
painted white.
We already know that if we ever sell this house and move again
(please God no)
the buyer will want to do something to them
carpet or laminate or whatever
because who wants painted stairs but us?
So we could have as much fun here as we wanted
and we decided to start being artists in our house too.
So can I be honest?

Here is what it says, if you can see very clearly in the photos:
In our house
we do second chances
we do grace
we do real
we do mistakes
we do I’m sorry
we do loud really well
we do art
we do hugs
we do joy
we do family
we do peace
we do love.

The full effect
So what do you think?

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  • Megankoch

    good for you- it looks great.  it’s a big risk to take on a project like that and commit to it for good (unless you REALLY want to paint over it.)  i love it!

  • Rachel Held Evans

    Oh I LOVE it!!! Love, love, love! 

  • brenda

    LOVE it !!  Warms my heart…they say a room should rise up to great you ..well hello what a lovely welcome into your home !!

  • Stefanie Dilella

    I like it! What a blessing for children to be brought up in a home where those things are true.

  • Jillrosalie

    LOVE it!   Great job!

  • Leah

    Love it!! It looks beautiful too.

  • Ramona

    Love it!

  • Val

    it’s amazing!   Well done.  I love it – makes me wish I had stairs.

  • Leigh Kramer

    There are no words for how much I love it!  Well done!

  • Amy E. Willa

    Loved it so much I started thinking about how I could do it here in our housing unit! I would have to do something that I could take down when we leave in two years – maybe I could cut them out of sticky vinyl with my Cricut. . . hm m m m m 

    • Megan

      I have quotes on my wall that I did that way – give yourself about four times more time than you think it will take to get it done :) What with repositioning and such it literally took me ALL DAY to get my wall done (and actually there’s a quote that I never finished applying because it was so long. It looks awesome, though.
      The stairs are beautiful! Did you know there’s a historical house somewhere with a poem painted on the front steps by the current owner? I googled it and couldn’t find it but I have a miniature of it in my classroom. I bet whoever buys the house if/when you move will want to keep it exactly as is :)

  • Ness in Part

    It’s awesome! I love it. It’s making me want stairs that I can do that with.

  • Melissa

    i love it. saw that on pinterest and have been thinking of where i can display the same thing in my home. love it. what a simple reminder to get back to the basics every single day!

  • suzannah | the smitten word

     i pinned that, too, and i LOVE what you did! beautiful:)

  • Kim

    Daily inspiration.  I love it.

  • corinne

    Oh I LOVE it!! It looks beautiful!

  • Jennie

    I love this.

  • Young Mom

    Love it!

  • Canita

    This is BRILLIANT!!  (And I *knew* I recognized that from your Pinterest!!)  Very cool!

  • the Sooz

    Hey!  I just bought a canvas to do something like this!  I saw it at my friends house in California and I loved it.
    I absolutely love it on the stairs…loooooveee it!

  • Lucy The Valiant

    Oh, wow, I LOVE it! What an amazing bit of art!

  • jewelsntreasures

    I LOVE this idea!!

  • Anne J.

    LOVE!! (and hello, that’s what you do when you’re on your own with the kids?! You’re a fun mummy!)

  • Jamie

    Love it!!

  • Jenn

    Ahhh! Do mine do mine! No really…it’s awesome. I need more inspiration in my house in places I can see. Reminders of truths I want to live and breath.

  • David Nilsen

    My wife and I have been mulling over the idea of writing on various surfaces in our house for a while. This might be the final motivation to do so. I’ll send pics if we do!

  • Laura Goddard

    I think it is AWESOME!

  • Teresa

    I love this so very much.  It makes me wish for stairs.  How beautiful a statement of how you all live.  Being intentional is so much easier when you have such a lovely reminder.

  • Lisa

    Love it! We also have white painted plain wooden stairs.  And our house is backwards too. Our stairs are in need of repainting. I might have to adapt this idea for our house.  As for repainting I already know if we move we will have to repaint the kid’s rooms because I have painted wall murals in there, so what is a little more painting?

  • Diana Trautwein

    This is just…fabulous.  And it fits beautifully your first post on the practices of motherhood, too.  I’ll bet you even planned it that way.  :>)  LOVE these words – but the link to the source did not work for me (or maybe the source is not for these exact words, but for these ideas??)  LOVE, love what you’re doing over here.  Thanks so much.

    • Sarah Bessey

      Actually not planned at all! (But that would have been a fabulous idea…) The source is on my Pinterest page. It might have been down but I jsut checked it – should be okay now.

  • Leslie

    I LOVE IT!!!  It’s awesome.  It’s like a family manifesto that your children will grow up seeing and living out before their very eyes.  That is powerful.  Beautiful job!

  • Sarah R

    I love this!  It looks so great….you should put it on pinterest.

    PS – I changed my sign-on name….I used to comment as sarah r. 

    • Sarah Bessey

      thanks for the head’s up!

  • Mizmelly

    LOVE IT!!

  • Hannah Abbott


  • Melissa

    I love, love, love this! It really has me considering pulling up the carpet on our stairs. But until I can convince my husband of this I will be writing down what I want it to say. And maybe think of another way to display it, but I really love this!  I also love that it is kind of a list of rules, but without being so ”
    don’t do this, don’t do that.” Rules, but on a positive side!

  • becca d

    that made me cry!!  so beautiful.  thanks for sharing! -becca

  • becca d

    wow!!  that made me cry.  thanks so much for sharing!

  • Stephanie

    *LOVE* this. 

    You are a family of artists, for sure.

  • Gina

    I love this, Sarah!  Saw it in the photos and assumed it was a decal (and no, I will *not* pronounce that word like you Canucks do…!). Such a great idea! So arty!  I heart you.

  • Nancy

    I love this! I love the idea of having family values that clearly displayed.

  • Melissabluefineart

    I love this!

  • Carolien Geurtsen

    Hi Sarah, I think its just great and a wonderful idea to watch it consciously or subconsciously each time you walk the stairs and what a great message you give to each and everyone who does so. Chapeau! 

    I came to your blog when I was trying to track down the origin of the text, which appeared on my facebook page yesterday, as I loved it so much. So its good to have stumbled on such a great inspiring lady.

    Of cause I tried te link ‘inspired by this’ to do further research, but unfortunately that gave an 404 error message, pic is gone. If you have any idea re the source, I love to hear it. Thnx.

  • Katsimcik

    Brilliant! Truly

  • Therockness

    Love it.  We are in the process of doing the same thing to our stairs.