In which we are celebrating 5 years of Anne-girl

She made me a Mumma. And everything changed.

And then – blink – it’s five years later. 
Happy 5th birthday, Anne!
She is gorgeous and free and loved wildly. 
May it always be so.

I write about Anne a lot but these are some of my favourites:
In which I write a letter to my daughter for International Women’s Day – a bit of my hopes for her – and really, all of us
In which Annie opens the door of her heart – or, how my four year old schooled me on my cynical opinion about “asking Jesus into your heart.”
In which Anne adjusts to Joseph – from way back in the archives
And this is a little video that I made of her baby pictures for her 3rd birthday. (So what if I watched it last night and cried?)

Happy Birthday, Anne! from Sarah Bessey on Vimeo.

Today, we’re having cake and ice cream. I hung some balloons in our dining room. We’ll swim (of course). And I’ll keep coming close to a complete and total meltdown because she is just so damn beautiful and it’s going too fast.

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