We are saved and we are saved to each other and for each other and with each other. This is something.

I wrote a little post, late in the afternoon yesterday, in the stolen 30 minutes between my real-work for Mercy Ministries and the time when I had to head home to make supper. Just one of those quick, say-it-hot kind of posts, everything I was feeling and thinking condensed in a few paragraphs, it took about 20 minutes, and then I walked away. The crux of the post was a question that I lifted from Barbara Brown Taylor’s book “Leaving Church” which I had recently re-read: What is saving your life right now?

Then I took the day off from the Internet. When I came back tonight, and started to read through the comments on that post, I wanted to cry, they were so beautiful, so true, so good, I loved your words. And when I read my replies on Twitter, I noticed that a few people did a blog post of their own, taking off from the idea, and I thought, well, sure, why don’t we do that together

So here it is, I’m asking you now to tell us:

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Write your own post on your own blog, answering the question: What is saving your life right now? Write it quick, don’t overthink it, just spill it all out, it can be pictures if you want, whatever. If you’ve already written one, feel free to link that up, too.
  2. Include a link in your post back to this post, so your readers can find other bloggers writing on the same topic. Feel free to steal my graphic up there, it’s all yours.
  3. Enter the link to your post (the actual post link, not just your blog link) into the Linky tool thing there below my signature.
  4. Tell a few people about it – maybe through your Facebook or Twitter or talk about it with your sister on the phone while the tinies holler in the background (ahem).
  5. Click around and visit a few of the other posts linked up, leave comments for each other, realise afresh that kindred spirits aren’t as rare as we used to think, be saved a bit.
And just so you know: you, you, you are part of what is saving me, right now.


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