Oh, friends. She’s here! Yes, she – it’s a girl!

Evelynn Joan was born on Saturday morning at 6:15 a.m.  She was 9 lbs, 13 oz (yes, you read that right!) and 22 inches long. I’ll spare you her head circumference, shall I? 

She was peacefully brought into the world with a natural water birth at our home.  Labour was just under 4 hours long and, much to Brian’s joy, we had excellent midwives here to help with the delivery. Both of us are doing very well. She’s simply perfect – very alert, bright eyed and contented. She looks a lot like her sister at this point but her hair is very dark and there is a lot of it!

Her first name means optimistic and radiant life but we added the extra “n” for a connection to my own middle name (Lynn) and it is pronounced with soft “e” sound. Her middle name has great significance for us as it is my beloved mother’s name and means God loving heroine. 

Anne and Joseph are over-the-moon. The look of wonder on their faces when they met her will stay with us forever. Anne is absolutely dazzled by her new little sister and her gentle, helpful soul is in full delight. Joe is very tender-hearted about the whole thing, frequently calling her “beautiful” and “our baby” before telling the world that he loves them all.

We are so thankful for the love, support and prayers we have received. 

We’re still in “baby-moon” mode right now – I simply can’t get enough of her and our (sometimes overwhelming, let’s be honest, shall we?) new status as a family of five.  

I am writing out her birth story tonight while it’s still fresh (read: I’m still crying about it) and I can’t wait to share more with you, my beautiful village.

Love to each of you with a full heart (and very full arms!),

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In which this is the stuff of God
In which I share the story of Evelynn's birth
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  • Congrats Sarah! What a lovely birth story and I’m so happy to hear that everyone is doing so well. Enjoy these sweet newborn moments with your newest little daughter.

  • Congratulations! Beautiful girl and a beautiful name. 🙂

  • Congratulations again Sarah and Family.She is truly “beautiful”Enjoy the newest family member…

  • Q.’

    I’m so thrilled for you, Sarah! My prayers are for many more happy days ahead. Love, Q.’

  • Yay!! Congrats!! Love the name and you did awesome mama!!

  • Congratulations! She is beautiful indeed!

  • Arianne

    I don’t know how you even stopped kissing that face to come here and tell us this. She is absolutely incredible. Jesus delights in your joy, and so do I. Welcome Evelynn! Welcome to the village. <3

  • Awwwww congratulations!!! How sweet! Give her kisses for me! I wish I could hold her!!!!!!!!!!

    • oh and i love her name! and can’t wait to read the story! I will live vicariously through you for the moment….

  • Congratulations!! She’s beautiful!!!

  • She is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations. Your birth story is wonderful, and I’m so happy that Anne gets her much desired little sister.

  • Congratulations! She is beautiful!

  • she’s simply beautiful!

  • Karla

    So thankful that the birth experience went down as you hoped it would! Evelynn is a beautiful name for a beautiful new soul! Welcome sweet one!

  • Oh she is gorgeous! This makes me anxious for my little one to arrive. Enjoy the babymoon!

  • I’m so glad you got to have your home birth experience. I held my baby nephew today and there is just something so perfect about holding a newborn. Enjoy your baby moon, I LOVE birth stories! Be blessed in the very special family time.

  • Anne J.

    I was rooting for a girl 🙂 I could just see Joe as the boy in the middle, somehow.
    My heart feels full too just reading this. Savour every sweet moment.

  • Oh Sarah! She is absolutely adorable and I wish I was closer so I could give her a snuggle. I cannot wait to hear the birth story and yeeeee for four hours!! God bless you mama! Hope you rest tonight!!

  • Congratulations!! She is absolutely beautiful. I’m so happy for you and your family!

  • Carla

    Congratulations! A beautiful little angel! Enjoy all the newbornness! It is fleeting!

  • Congratulations!!!!! She’s beautiful! So glad everything went so well. Love the name!

  • Wonderful news Sarah!!

  • Mizmelly

    Oh such kissable lips! I’m so delighted you got your home water birth. Delighted to hear she’s alert – it was wonderful when my boy arrived and he just looked at me for a good hour before deciding he needed a nap. It was gorgeous! Delighted the big brother and big sister are doting on their baby sister. Will pray for lots of peace in these early weeks. Thank you so much for posting and sharing such a precious time.

  • Kristen

    Welcome to the Family, beautiful girl!!!

  • KathleenBasi

    Sarah, you beautiful mother, congratulations on such a beautiful daughter to join the rest of your beautiful family! I have been thinking of you all weekend, and every time I’ve been on my Google reader and saw an update, I was wincing on your behalf at the unending wait. I’m so glad it’s ended with such a deliriously good experience!

  • Oh. My heart. Gorgeous and darling and perfect.

  • She’s gorgeous. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read the full birth story. Hugs!

  • Annie

    Dear Sarah and family, I’m overjoyed to read this. You are so loved and blessed. Can’t wait to hear the birth story as well.


  • Mary1912

    She is indeed lovely! Congratulations!

  • Congrats! I smiled as soon as I saw the title of the post!

  • So happy for you- glad you managed to stay at home since you wanted to. 4 hours! Gosh! I’m a 24 at least kinda gal, but having a friend who takes 1-2 makes me know that sometimes those shorter births can pack a punch! Really glad to hear that things went well though.

  • Jill @ clearest glimpse

    Congratulations! She’s lovely!

  • Deborah L

    Mercy! That’s a big baby! Please share her head circumference – I’m a maternity nurse and love those little tidbits. She’s just gorgeous, Sarah. Simply thrilled for you and your family and so pleased that you had the birth of your dreams. Her name is lovely, too. Ah, happiness!!!

  • Sarah R

    I’m so happy for you and your family (and especially Anne because she wanted a little sister). I’m so excited to read the birth story and I’ll make sure to have some tissues near by.

    PS – When you had the ultrasound, didn’t your technician accidentally give you a hint as to her gender? Was the technician hinting that the baby was a girl?

    • You remember! Yes, he did. He used the word ‘she’ off-handedly.

  • Oh my soul, she’s lovely and precious. Congrats!

  • Lindsey

    Congratulations and much love to you all!

  • Congratulations Sarah! Soak up this time. Relish in your togetherness. It’s a marvelous adventure you’re beginning on (again!).

  • drgtjustwondering.blogspot.com

    So very lovely. Many blessings of adrenaline-fueled joy these early days – there’s nothing quite like that new-healthy-baby euphoria! So glad she is safely here, that you got your water birth, that all of you are thriving. I actually loved having big babies – they seemed one month old at birth! But they do grow through that newborn phase even faster than their littler sibs – so enjoy this beautiful one as much as you can, even when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the five-ness of life these days.

  • Nicks2010

    Oh, she is beautiful! Congratulations to your family on this wonderful gift of life! Praying for a quick recovery for you and an easy adjustment to your family as you include Evelynn in your life! <3

  • Absolute perfection! Many congrats from me. So much love.


  • Rachel

    CONGRATULATIONS! What a beautiful baby girl! I absolutely love her name. Can’t wait to hear the full birth story. Enjoy this time with your precious family. There is just nothing else like it in this world!
    p.s. WOW! She was a big girl! You are an inspiration. My 2 daughters were both 9lbs. 1oz. My obgyn is already talking c-section for #3 and I’m only 8 weeks pregnant. I think I’ll have to put my foot down.

  • Congratulations, and well done mama! So glad the home birth went smoothly for y’all, can’t wait to read about it 🙂 Have a wonderful babymoon!!

  • Aw, congratulations! I’ve recently discovered your blog, and it’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine! I’m also pregnant with my third, I also have a girl and a boy, and my daughter’s name is Evelyne! There’s not many of them around, and I like your spelling of it. (Oh, and I’m also planning a homebirth—see, we’re soulmates!) =) Congratulations, enjoy your family!

  • Jasville2

    Congratulations! She is beautiful!

  • Congratulations on #3! A whole lotta crazy, but a whole lotta fun!

  • Rachelle

    Congratulations! A beautiful daughter. I’m so excited for you. Her name is beautiful also.

  • wow wow wow! amazing and beautiful. 4 hour birth! excited to hear the details, hope my next one is that quick and at home too!

  • Oh, congratulations, Sarah! She is beautiful, and it makes me look forward to my labor and delivery even more 🙂 What a lovely name, and I am so glad that everything went well. What a blessing. Best wishes for “babymooning” with your new little one!

  • Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful.

  • Stephanie

    Yay! She’s BEAUTIFUL (and so worth the wait, eh?). 😉

    P.S. We considered Evelyn as a name for baby #1. It’s a lovely name w/ just the right combination of antique charm and modernity.

  • Jessica

    Hi I am just wondering where you found the meaning of your daughters first name? I cannot seem to find the same meaning and I am considering this name for our first.