In which we make and do for the Pinterest challenge

I quite enjoyed working on my little Pinterest project this weekend. On Sunday morning, Brian took the two older tinies to the community garden and Evelynn decided to have a three hour nap so I turned on a podcast and sat down with some old scrapbook paper that was laying around to cut out 30 hearts for “leaves” of my Thankful Tree (inspired by this pin).

While I was working, I decided to be an overachieving freak and knock another one off of the Pinterest to-do list.

Helloooooo, cranberry and brown sugar bread.

Get in my belly.

Then I got sidetracked as everyone arrived home with bags of harvest so we set to work, cleaning and baking and slicing and freezing everything for the rest of the afternoon.

Later on, we went for a swim and stopped to clip a few branches from a tree (because, of course, I couldn’t be bothered to actually clip the branches on the trees right outside my kitchen window…).

And here is our finished project.

Anne really loved this project. This one says “Cozy warm” and on the other side “Home”.
It’s official home on my kitchen window sill. Away from little boy hands, close to my eyes.
Since a few of you were interested, I set up a linky party for us. Write a post on your blog with your Pinterest inspired project and then come back here to post the link for the rest of us to see it, Remember to share the direct link for your post itself, not just your blog link. Can’t wait to see your work!

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  • Jillrosalie

    nice work, Sarah!    What is “Service Master”?

    • Sarah Bessey

      That’s where Brian works.

      • Jillrosalie

        Ah, gottcha!

  • wendy

    I love the thankful tree!! And that cranberry bread looks amazing too.
    Yay for getting things done :)

  • Erin Adams

    Way to go!!  Hooray!  the tree turned out great.  I love Anne’s leaves.  :)