In which we welcome a Husker to Canada

After twelve years of marriage to his Canuck here, eight years as a resident of Canada, three babies, and countless double-doubles, my husband officially became a dual citizen of Canada this past spring.

Brian becomes Canadian

canadian collage 1 canadian collage 2

To celebrate the day, we decided to embark on a day filled with Canadian stereotypes. We took the tinies out of school, and after the ceremony in Surrey, the day of Canadian Stereotypes commenced. We only had a day and that isn’t quite enough time for all the stereotypes so to start off: he received his own Team Canada hockey sweater. One must be properly attired, you understand.

Then it was off for buying hockey gear at Canadian Tire with Canadian Tire money. Then a maple dip doughnut and a double-double at Tim Horton’s using loonies and toonies.  For lunch, we ate Montreal Smoked Meat and poutine at Annie’s in New Westminster (the best poutine we’ve found in the Lower Mainland). He learned not to be offended by the term “homo milk.” He called Coca-Cola “pop” instead of “soda.” As a carpenter, he’s already familiar with a Robertson screwdriver, so that was one we could leave off the list. He can spot a Canadian anywhere in the world by their use of the word “brutal.”

Then he curled up with a copy of Anne of Green Gables and a proper beer. There were a few lessons in how to apologise even when it is not his fault, and then a grammar lesson about the importance of adding a “u” to most of his words. He proved his ability to use the modifier of “eh”  – turning statements into questions, NOT as a form of “huh?” – and he wore a toque for most of the day. And then he indulged in a bit of old fashioned tree-hugging and protesting.

He made fun of Toronto.

Later that night, we played street hockey with the neighbourhood kids. We strongly considered a visit to the ER just to cap it off but decided against it. It’s BC so no snow to shovel or Zamboni to ride. His chosen favourite hockey team – the Calgary Flames – hasn’t won much of anything for more than a decade and so now he’s also well acquainted with the resolute grief of cheering for a losing team.

Happy Canada Day to one of our newest Canadians, Bri. Sorry but we think you’re a pretty wonderful Canadian, buddy.


  • James Prescott

    Glad you had an awesome day, interested to find out there is a place called ‘Surrey’ in Canada, especially as I’m from a place called ‘Surrey’ in the UK. Canada is definitely on my ‘to visit’ list, and hope you all have an amazing Canada Day! :-)

  • Linda Stoll


  • Carrie Johnston

    I have found that being American and then becoming Canadian is a bit of its own special schizophrenia.
    (Is it bathroom or washroom or restroom?)
    Also, whenever the US and Canada pair off in the Olympics people always ask me who I will cheer for…whoever wins, of course!

    Happy Canada Day! And an early Happy Fourth of July!

  • Leigh Kramer

    Haha Love this. I call it pop instead of soda. Does this make me an honorary Canadian?

  • Christina Kannenberg

    That Anne of Green Gables pic is hilarious! And now I am craving a maple dip and cheese curds…

  • Westcoastlife

    HaHaHa – He made fun of Toronto – a quintessential Canadian pass time (except for Torontonians).

  • Anita_Mathias

    My 18 year old is moving to Canada in September (Toronto). Hmm!

  • Alece Ronzino

    This post made me all kinds of happy.

    (Happy Canada Day!)

  • Brie B

    so fantastic! as a Canuck abroad (with a foreigner husband) I do hope to introduce (indoctrinate) my husband in a similarly appropriate manner someday! welcome to the fold.

  • alli

    Oh Sarah this is great! I am a transplant from Colorado and I am just so absolutely loving this! It is all 100% no doubt about it true… All of it! I love Canada Thanks for making me laugh! Congrats to your husband.

  • sacwriter

    I’m surprised you didn’t “force” him to eat Nanaimo bars for dessert.

  • Sandy Jones Fox

    What were his thoughts on Gilbert Blythe? Did he find him a role model?


    Congratulations! :) I was just up in Washington this past week and felt at home whenever I saw advertisements for “pop” adorning restaurant menus. Ah.

  • dixie livingston

    Y’all are so fun! Thanks for sharing:)