A two-day gathering for the wonderers, the wanderers, the status-quo upenders, and spiritual refugees…

Basically …. this is for you.


My dear friend Rachel Held Evans and I have been quietly planning and building this conference with our friends at Chaffee Management for months now. It has been SO HARD to keep this thing quiet…

We have tried to create space for you to:

Engage with your questions
Begin to re-write your own faith story.
Reclaim your faith.
Discover the Gospel’s relationship to compassion and justice.
Expand your worldview.
And find a path – and friends – for your journey in the wilderness.

And we’re finally here!
Registration is open!

October 26th and 27th, 2018 at
Montreat Conference Center in Montreat, North Carolina


The leaders we have gathered together are AMAZING.
I cannot tell you how excited I am to have all this goodness in one room.

We have….
Jen Hatmaker
Mike McHargue
Jeff Chu
Austin Channing Brown
Audrey Assad
Cindy Wang Brandt
Osheta Moore
Kathy Escobar
A’Driane Nieves
Nish Weiseth
Pete Enns
Sandra Van Opstal
Jonathan Martin
Cheryl Bridges Johns
Solveig Leithaug
and Wil Gafney

I mean….COME ON.

For all the years that Rachel and I have been writing alongside of each other, we have dreamed of something like this – we are creating the gathering I think we wish we would have had during our own processes of deconstruction and reconstruction.

After all, when your faith changes, everything changes along with it – your relationships, your opinions, your politics, your theology, your experience with church, your identity. So we want this to be a gathering of kindred spirits, an opportunity to learn, wrestle, worship, laugh, and cry together as we journey through the wilderness – TOGETHER.

We will be at the beautiful Montreat Conference Center near Asheville, North Carolina. Our amazing speakers will lead us in conversations about everything from the Bible to parenting, politics to racial justice, art to science, and everything in between. 

So come as you are right now! Doubters and dreamers are welcome. Parents are welcome (and you know two mothers were in the dreaming room – there is childcare available!) Pastors and church-drop-outs, LGBTQ friends and Bible nerds, post-evangelicals and happy-clappy charismatics and everyone else – everyone is welcome at this table.

Our dream is that you will not only find inspiration, hope, and direction but friends for the journey, too.

Click here to register

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