Jesus Feminist Necklace

Five Amazing Things about the Jesus Feminist Collection:

1. The products were created in partnership with Imagine Goods whose work, particularly in Cambodia, focuses on ethical, just, and sustainable production practices to support employment for vulnerable and marginalized people. You can read more about them here.

2.  ALL (yes, all, as in 100% of the) profits from this collection will be donated to Help One Now and to Heartline Maternity Centre in Haiti. Both of these organizations are grassroots justice work, staffed by people we personally know, love, and trust who reflect so much of the heart and passion of Jesus Feminist.

3. These items are beautiful. Seriously gorgeous design work. Andrea Levendusky designed the shirts and the prints, I need say no more.

4. The necklace alone makes my heart sing: it’s made from recycled bombs. Hello, swords into ploughshares, meet bombs into jewellery that will continue to do the work of justice. Can you even stand it? I want to cry every time I think of it. I imagine we’ll sell out of that one pretty quickly and I’m already planning a re-order. Then the t-shirts were made by survivors of trafficking in Cambodia. Every purchase helps people on the front end AND on the back end of production.

5. If you’ve read Jesus Feminist, you know my heart for the small grassroots efforts towards justice and shalom. We saw this as a way to not only support people we love and know, but also a way to begin to create a bit of employment. And so my husband, Brian, took this idea and connected with Aiyana at Imagine Goods then Andrea for design, and he did all the legwork for every piece to create this shop. It’s Brian’s baby but I have loved collaborating with him on all of it. My heartfelt thanks to him and to Aiyana, in particular, for creating this collection and being open to my ridiculous ideas like, hey, let’s give away every cent we make! (<— for real.)


 Voilà! the Jesus Feminist Collection!

(Clicking the link will take you to Imagine Goods to purchase the item.)

Jesus Feminist Necklace 2Jesus Feminist Necklace

This simple circle necklace stamped with “Jesus Feminist” makes a statement with class. Made in Cambodia by disadvantaged artisans of brass recycled from old bombs, and hanging on an 18″ brass cable chain, it arrives in a 100% recycled jewelry box—perfect for gift-giving!







Unisex Jesus Feminist T-shirt“I Am a _____ and I am a Jesus Feminist” Unisex Fit T-Shirt

This unisex t-shirt is cut of soft cotton with a slight stretch (95% cotton, 5% spandex). Made by survivors of trafficking, your purchase empowers women and their families to live changed lives!  The artwork echoes a community based photo project from the book’s release – you can grab a white marker and fill in the blank however you like!








Jesus Made a Feminist out of Me decal

“Jesus Made a Feminist Out of Me” Decal

“Jesus made a Feminist out of me” laptop decal is made of high-grade vinyl with UV coating and a crack-and-peel backing. Measures 3″x3″.






Jesus Feminist t-shirtJesus Made a Feminist Out of Me” Women’s T-shirt

This women’s fit t-shirt is cut of soft cotton with a slight stretch (95% cotton, 5% spandex). Made by survivors of trafficking, your purchase empowers women and their families to live changed lives!









Outside Jesus Feminist Print“I want to be outside with the misfits” print

After a reader poll, this is one of two prints that you requested. Full quote: “I want to be outside with the misfits, with the rebels, the dreamers, second-chance givers, the radical grace lavishers, the ones with arms wide open, the courageously vulnerable.” Print measures 8″x10″.






Rest in your God-breathed worth - Jesus Feminist Print

“Rest in your God-breathed Worth” print

After a reader poll, this is one of two prints that you requested. Full quote: “Rest in your God-breathed worth. Stop holding your breath, hiding your gifts, ducking your head, dulling your roar, distracting your soul, stilling your hands, quieting your voice, and satiating your hunger with the lesser things of this world.” Print measures 8″x10″.






And of course, make sure you pick up Jesus Feminist to include with your gift!

Barnes & Noble

Book Depository

Chapters Indigo/Coles

our local Abbotsford bookshop, House of James, has it, too!

and almost everywhere books are sold.




You knew I wasn’t going to end there, right?

I have one signed copy of Jesus Feminist and the “I Want to be Outside” print for one lucky commenter! Just leave a comment below telling me your favourite item in the collection, make sure your email address is included, and you’ll be entered to win. I’ll do a random draw from the comments in a week and send it along to the winner.



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  • Oh my gosh, Sarah, that necklace is beautiful! And I love the “I’m a _____ and I’m a feminist” T-shirt. I have been excited to see what you guys came up with for the collection and I am even more excited now that I see it! Email stressandstars (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Anna

    Ok, that necklace is just so beautiful! I also love the “Rest in your God-breathed worth” print! akladd94 (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Kalyn

    I love the necklace so much!

  • rachel blazer

    i love the “Rest in your God-breathed worth” print! and of course, LOVE the book! thanks for the generous giveaway!

  • jada schiessl

    I think everything is just awesome! Especially since it improves the lives of so many. Great legacy seeds you’re planting!

  • Kristy

    I love the “I want to be Outside” print!

  • Kelly

    I LOVE the “I want to be outside” print – I am going to put it on my Christmas wish list for the hubs (unless I am lucky enough to win it!) Thanks for the give away

  • Speechmom

    My favorite items in your collection are the ones made by those who have survived hell or are living in it now. Not only is each item beautiful, but so are the hands that made them. I love your heart and your passion.

  • Megon

    Love the necklace and the shirts!! (Actually, the whole collection is amazing along with the fact that you’re giving ALL proceeds to help an incredible organization! Awesome!)

  • wendy

    so so beautiful! perfect embodiment of such beautiful sentiments!

  • What a great partnership! I love the necklace- it has a beautiful message and simple design. Incase I’m drawn my email is 🙂

  • Kathy

    I am buying three copies of the Rest in your God-breathed worth print for three younger women I mentor. It is so perfect to help those of us who come from a broken or wounded place that God has never wounded us and He is our Healer. It’s a perfect encouragement for me and my friends. I love the whole collection. Even more, I love that the blessings flow outward to reach and empower other women. Awesome! I Want to be Outside…that speaks my heart.

  • Genevieve

    I love the necklace! especially, when i think about the possibility of meeting a person whom i don’t know with the JF necklace on. she or he will be an instant friend! 😉

  • Tracey

    Love the I want to be outside print – need that on the t-shirt (I know, give y’all time). I know what’s going in my stocking for Christmas. Gotta have the laptop sticker for when I go back to Liberty for an intensive 🙂

  • K.J. Snoes

    Beautiful. I love both of the prints 🙂

  • Addie

    I’m not a jewelry wearer or buyer, but a necklace made from old bombs? That’s practically screaming Jesus and what He stood for… But even more, I think I want the prints because I want my kids to read them every day and grow up knowing that much

  • Joe Sales

    I want to be outside print. Absolutely love it.

  • Amanda

    The necklace is amazing, especially the fact that it’s made from old bombs! Pacifism is THE BEST!

  • Beth

    These are all so lovely!! I especially am drawn to the prints… would love to have those words on my wall to see every day.

  • Kirstin C

    This is so awesome! Love it all – especially because it was ethically made and purchases to go empower others! This is perfect!! 🙂

  • emilyg

    The necklace! The symbolism of recycling old bombs into a thing of beauty touches my heart. But really, all of it!! emily_geddes (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • catalinakel

    Oh, these are perfect for my soon-to-be-eighteen year old budding Jesus Feminist daughter!

  • Liz

    Do I really have to choose? I love the necklace so much more knowing it’s made from recycled bombs! I definitely need the “Jesus made a feminist out of me” shirt and decal. And the “God-breathed worth” print is awesome!!

  • Kate

    Ahh this collection is wonderful! I love the necklace, and that it shows taking something bad and making something beautiful! I also love the Outside print because it is such a great reminder that what I want is different from what the world wants!
    ((Sorry if this posted twice! Not quite sure what I’m doing!))

  • Anne Vyn

    My favorite item is the unisex fit T-shirt but I love the whole collection.

  • Erin

    This is a beautiful collection I want all of them! I think, however, that the necklace sends the biggest hit. Not only the fact of where it is made and by whom, but also that it is taking something so destructive (a bomb) and making it into something so beautiful and meaningful, makes the necklace the best in the collection.

  • Kris K

    I love the Jesus made a feminist out of me tshirt but also the misfit print

  • Sandy Palmer Perry

    I absolutely love the necklace!

  • Lizzie Goldsmith

    The necklace is my favorite, for sure! And I’m thinking one of the prints would be perfect for my mother.

  • elb

    All of these are so beautiful. I’m especially loving the prints and that incredible necklace. Erinandtanden (at) gmail dot com.

  • Mary Beth Moore

    I love the necklace and the deeper symbolism of it all. Wow! marybethmoore2319 at gmail dot com

  • Sarah

    Oh, the prints, the prints! I want them both to be hanging in my house where I can see them every moment as a reminder of how I want to live my life.

  • That necklace!!!! made from bombs…. simply amazing.


  • Grace Shetrompf

    I love everything here. But the Rest In Your God-Breathed Worth print is my favorite. I want that hanging in my Dining Room.
    gshetrompf at gmail dot com

  • kaylei

    Obviously the necklace is beautiful but I love the prints as well!

  • Margaret

    I am so blessed to march with fellow Jesus feminists! Love what you are doing and speaking for so many of us! It is in the “fullness of time”! Go! Go! Go!

  • ThatOne

    I love the necklace and the" Rest in your God-breathed worth" print.

  • The prints are so, so good. I want both!

  • Emily

    I LOVE the Jesus made a feminist out of me shirt. Probably going to get one for all of my friends! My email is

  • Laura

    Yeah! How fun!

  • Lovely, just lovely, Sarah.

  • Cortney Peters

    I want to be outside print! cortneymarie (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Holly Rogers

    Gah! I just put the “Love 146” bar necklace on my Christmas list (the other necklace made from recycled bombs!) I’m so torn now! Loving the length and color of the woman’s tshirt. And that “I Want to be Outside” print! If I don’t win this giveaway, I’m totally budgeting for that print in January! holly.rogers525(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Gabbi Lindley

    I’ll definitely be getting the prints, but I loooooove the necklace! And I love that it’s made of recycled brass from bombs! And it’s all made ethically!!!

  • Abby Norman

    I LOVE the necklace!

  • Alina Sayre

    I just love this collection and this idea, and my favorite is the “I want to be outside with the misfits” print. I’m almost done reading Jesus Feminist and it’s revolutionizing my life. Thank you Sarah!

  • Keitha Ogbogu

    Sarah, I had a friend ask about the safety standards for those who reclaim the bombs…any words on that?

  • Stacy Nilsen

    What is a Jesus Feminist? I keep hearing about it but I really know nothing about it.

  • Kim

    I want the misfits quote in a tshirt!

  • I love the fact that the necklace is made out of old bombs. I once wrote a piece about how “I’m the bomb” and people are afraid that I’m going to explode (as a woman). Love the symbolism here.

  • Is there any sort of sizing chart for the women’s shirt? I can’t find one on Imagine Goods and it’s my favorite! friend.of.frodo (@) gmail (dot) com

  • Love the necklace, and so excited (but also super bummed!) that it’s sold out already. I wanted to get me one for Christmas. 🙂

  • Mary Lee Downey

    The necklace! The decal!! The prints!! Can I love them all?!?

  • Ashley

    Love Love Love it all. The misfits quote is probably my favorite.

  • What a wonderful collection! I’m excited for you and for alk that your collection is helping. How amazing!

    That necklace, I almost cried reading it was made from bombs. Such a wonderful piece of love and hope from such a destructive object. Just beautiful!

    My favorite pieces are the quotes and the fill in the blank t shirt, outside of the necklace of course.

    Congratulations on this collection! 🙂

  • Anna Kraft

    The God breathed worth quote is my fave. Sorry if I accidentally post twice, I wrote my first comment before realizing I had to log in. anna.kraft713 (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Andrea

    I can’t wait to buy the Jesus Made A Feminist Out of Me T-shirt!

  • Julie D

    Such a lovely idea. The 8×10 prints are my favourite and will make a special gift, (along with the book of course) for treasured friends. Ordering from the tiny island of St Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean to be shipped from the US to the UK. Your message is going global, Sarah! Thank you and God bless you xxx

  • Anneke Lynley

    The necklace and the story behind the necklace! Beautiful!

  • Sara Newcomb

    LOVE these prints, especially the ‘rest’ one…beautiful. Love this blog too! email

  • DLegs

    My favorite is definitely the necklace – love the history behind it! (LEGLER.DK@GMAIL.COM)

  • Morgan

    LOVE! Can’t wait for the necklace to be restocked! Everything is beautiful!

    Morgan (

  • Josie

    I just bought a Jesus made a feminist out of me! shirt. Because he did 🙂

  • Dottie

    i love the necklace!

  • Amy Pederson

    I love the “Rest in your God-Breathed Worth” print! So excited for this collection, Sarah!

  • Emily

    I love all of these so much!!! My favorite is the necklace. It’s so beautiful and its cool that its made out of recycled bombs. My email is

  • Dr. Dee Tee

    how sad. using charities to promote false teaching. Jesus doesn’t lead anyone to disobey scriptures.

  • Trina

    The necklace is beautiful! I love what this opportunity is doing! What a blessing! I have not read your book but I would love to! It’s on my Amazon wish list! My email address is

  • Mary

    My favorite thing is the necklace, but I love the print to so I want to win!

  • Katie

    Your book gave a voice to things I had been feeling for years, and helped me on my way to recognizing that Christianity and feminism did not have to be enemies, but could instead work together for the beauty and glory of God. Thank you for writing. I love both of the prints! ktan02ATgmailDOTcom

  • Joellen Carr

    So beautiful. I love the necklace!

  • Melanie Stevens

    The I want to be outside print speaks to my heart. I need one for my 16 year old daughter. She is always outside the lines.

  • Bethany D.

    I love the “Jesus Made a Feminist Out of Me” t-shirt. Don’t know if I’d have the guts to wear it, but I love it. My email address is bgrace88 (at) gmail (dot) com.

  • Bek

    “Jesus Made a Feminist Out of Me” Women’s T-shirt is my fave!

  • Leslie

    I am thinking I want to give the “I want to be outside” print to each of my daughters for Christmas—this describes BOTH of them perfectly-maybe I’ll need to get them each a copy of the book too-one is a college senior with a major in human services, the second is a college freshman with a double major in human services/international affairs—so proud of both of them, giving their lives to the misfits and outsiders!! Praise God!!

  • Beth Brady

    The T shirt is my favorite “I am ______ and a feminist” . I live in Arkansas drive a prius and it is covered with liberal bumper stickers and I often where thought provoking t shirts and oh did I mention I’m 59. Always get to meet interesting people and yes we do have more liberals here than people realize !!

  • I think the necklace has to be my fave. Or the Jesus made a Feminist shirt. WordLily AT gmail DOT com

  • Jenni

    I love the necklace and the “Rest in your God-breathed worth” print. Such great truth. Thank you for creating this! My email address is jennimae17 (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

  • Jenny King

    The prints, definitely! Also love the v-neck and necklace.

  • Samantha B.

    My favorite is definitely the “Rest in your God-breathed Worth” print. A great reminder to see everyday!

  • reb

    I definitely love the necklace! It’s so simple yet elegant!

  • Melissa

    I love it all, but I think that the necklace is my favourite! melissa.affleck(at)gmail(dot)come.

  • Love the necklace and the fact it’s made from old bombs. How poetic.

  • I like the “rest in your God-breathed worth” print. Might have to get that for me.

  • caroline

    I love the idea of a beautiful necklace made from bombs! I haven’t read Jesus Feminist yet, but it’s high on my list of to-read, and I love all that I read on the blog!
    (my email is

  • Monica L. Banks

    I can’t even! The necklace would be perfect especially after seeing the mine fields in the “holy land”