I’ve had 5 November 2013 circled on the calendar in black Sharpie for months now.

And now here we are, eh?

I’ve thought of a dozen different posts to mark today – maybe a soap box rant, a beautiful reflection, a blood-pumping manifesto, a thoughtful exploration of the themes presented? None of those seemed right.

I really only have one thing to say and to pray today:


 Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Right at this moment, my little yellow book is sitting on a bookstore shelf or in your mailbox, maybe it’s sitting on your couch. I have loved seeing your tweets and Instagrams and Facebook photos of you with that book, it makes me feel more connected. Thank you for the gift of letting me know your thoughts – I don’t take a single one for granted.

I am a Jesus Feminist – the video!

When your photos started to pour in for our “I am a Jesus feminist” community photo project, I was overwhelmed. Children, grandparents, students, stay-at-home-mamas, scholars, pastors, and all points between and among. When I announced it, I was hoping for 30 photos. We have nearly 200.

Micah Murray of Redemption Pictures put together our photos into such a beautiful video. He’s good at his work, yes, but he’s also generous, curious, and a good friend. Thank you, Micah, for this gift.

Yes, I cry every time I watch it.

And here’s why: we’re together.

All of our beautiful faces, all our diverse points of origin and theology, all the traditions and families, all of our histories and our futures, our diversity and our unity, our stories, our wounds and our victories there,  it all gave me a little glimpse of the Kingdom of God breaking through. 

I look at your faces and I see such hope. Thank you for showing up.

The rest of it

If you want to support Jesus Feminist’s release this week, here’s a few ideas on how to do that. (Warning: self-promotion makes me feel gross so my weird humour makes an appearance or four.)

I’m over at A Deeper Story today, sharing about the real reason I wrote Jesus Feminist.  We’re giving away 5 copies of the book there!

There’s a synchroblog launching here tomorrow, a special giveaway for those of you in book clubs on Thursday. Then on Friday, I’ll be at our SheLoves Magazine, sharing about why I couldn’t have written that book without a certain lioness from South Africa. We’re also giving away five copies of the book there.

I’m sharing reviews and responses and interviews over at the Jesus Feminist page, too, if you’d like to keep up with them.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, my dear friends Laura of Hollywood Housewife and JJ of The Blah Blah Blahger are hosting a party to celebrate the release of Jesus Feminist. The Release Party is on Thursday 21 November and all the details are here. Brian and I are so looking forward to it – well, the party and the thought of our first night away together in seven years without a single baby in tow! Hope to see a few of you there.

Here we go then…deep breath….. Allons-y.


In which I'm a feminist, sure, but first I'm a disciple of Jesus Christ
Why I wrote Jesus Feminist (+ giveaway)
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  • Beautiful! You’re right. This is SO kingdom! This is exactly what is look like when we rally together under the name of Jesus: diversity, joy, unity, and love overflowing. Thank you for creating space for this visual picture of shalom!

  • Kristin Potler

    *fist bump* You did it girl!!! I’m so proud of you, ordered my book and can’t wait to read it! Enjoy today. Savor it.

  • Kristin Potler

    *fist bump* You did it girl!!! I’m so proud of you! Bought your book and can’t wait to read it! Enjoy today. Savor it.

  • lewprivette

    This is so awesome. I’m so excited. When I first found your blog, I thought I was “the only one”. We’re all over the place! This video is beautiful. Body of Christ for the YouTube generation? I can’t wait to get my hands on your book; I’m heading to my local book store today to demand my copy! (Actually, I’ll ask very politely because I’m Southern through and through….and a Jesus Feminist!) You rock, Sarah. Bless you.

  • This is it. I love you, Sarah Bessey, with all my heart. Thank you for singing freedom songs.

  • Ohhhhh that video. So awesome. So excited for you today Sarah!!

  • Susan May

    Thank YOU Sarah – I received my copy in my Kindle this a.m. (I live in Switzerland). I look forward to purchasing a hard copy the next time I’m in the States. Thank you for writing this book, and for your blog, and God bless.

  • Laura_InTheBackyard

    Woohoo! Happy Happy Happy Release Day! You’ve been such a cheerleader of our book, and now it’s an honor to be cheering YOU on from Indiana, excited beyond words to see what God does through your incredible work. Can’t wait to have my hands on my copy!

  • I spied two brand new golden yellow books on the shelf at Barnes and Noble in Poughkeepsie, New York yesterday and gently reached for one of those babies with a smile. I hear that my copy should be winging its way any minute from Amazon. And … I shared you with my readers a few weeks back –


    Blessings, Sarah!

  • theblahblahblahger

    So proud, my love…can’t wait to celebrate with you in person!!!

  • I’m crying just reading this post – because the day has finally come and it feels holy. Goodness, Sarah, this is God’s goodness to us, His church. LOVE that we do this together, LOVE that your yellow book is out there. I’m following Leigh’s lead and wearing a bright yellow scarf today in your honor! Oh, I’m your weepy friend and I’m a Jesus Feminist!!!

  • Allons-y! YES! So happy for and proud of you, Sarah!

  • Beautiful video, Sarah… Oh, how I love the kingdom of God! Congratulations on the release of your book! I’m looking forward to reading your heart and passion on its pages. Blessings!

  • JesseVega

    Congratulations, Sarah. I’ll be checking for my Amazon package every day. Looking forward to reading what you have to say.

  • Julie R

    I am so excited about this book and can’t wait to read! I have one of the two copies purchased by our local library system on reserve, and I hope it comes in soon! I would just go buy my own copy, but I want the library system to know there is a demand for books like this one. I may have to buy it and check it out from the library.

  • Yay! I’m so excited for you!

    I cross my fingers that you somehow end up speaking in NC or SC so I can see you in person. I can wait, I’m very patient 😉

    Enjoy your release day!

  • KDunc

    I am so excited! Congratulations and thank you for all that you do!

  • Joan Styles

    Congratulations Sarah! today is your day, enjoy this moment. Love you! Mum

  • hot dates and hot LA book premieres! GET IT, GIRL. enjoy the ride, baby. his Word will not return void. xo

  • OH MY WORD! I just found out about this from Suzannah and I am so excited about this and for you! This is awesome. There are so many Jesus feminists out there. And here I was, feeling so alone. Can’t wait to delve into this more with you. Congrats!

  • KimberlyCoyle

    Happy Birthday to Jesus Feminist:) Congratulations, Sarah!

  • Libby Parker

    And now I’m crying at work. So, awesome.
    Awesome. 🙂
    So proud of you–so happy to help spread this important and empowering (for everyone) message.

  • O, Sarah-bear!!! (Think Tunnel Bear) Hehe.


    You’ve worked so very hard and here is the day. Here is the book. Enjoy it all Mama.

    I love you!

  • Julia

    Delurking to say that I’m ordering your book RIGHT AWAY. Also, you’re beautiful. xx

  • Heather King

    Congratulations, Sarah!

  • Perfect video, wonderful book. Congratulations on writing a unique book that we need.

  • pastordt

    That video made me WEEP. Perfection. What a day, Sarah. What.A.Day.

  • Tre’

    I am a huge supporter of feminism within the church—I think Scripture supports it. However, I don’t feel the same way about homosexuality. A little disappointed to see your support for that. Any thoughts on that?

  • Congrats on all your hard work, Sarah! We’ll be in Southern California the weekend prior to your Release Party…so sorry to miss it…and to miss meeting you. Someday. 🙂

  • Allons-y, indeed! Many, many congratulations, Sarah!

  • I feel so connected to all those faces in the video! I went through the whole photo album on the Facebook page before adding mine, and I loved each and every one of them. I feel connected because the faces look familiar and because we’re all doing this one thing together and it’s just so lovely.

  • clbeyer

    Thank you for your gift to to the world, Sarah. Your voice is lovely and important.


  • jessica

    so excited for you friend! cannot wait to read it!

  • Michelle Marinone

    I’m three chapters in and I can feel my heart changing. I am moved by your call to grace, by your journey, and by your bravery. I see myself in your critical, “know-it-all” phase, in your time of doubt, and am inspired to seek a stance of more grace and less offense. Thank you.

  • This is beautiful! It makes me cry too!

  • Been celebrating with you all day long, dear friend! Love you so much.

  • Congratulations, Sarah! Can’t tell you how much I’ve been praying for you, your book as it’s opened in so many homes, and for hearts everywhere to be challenged and encouraged to follow hard after Him. Enjoy it! So happy for you in this endeavor!

  • Jenna Kristine

    If the student newspaper at a particular Bible college was interested in doing a review of Jesus Feminist, is there anyone they could contact about a review copy?

  • Jenna Kristine

    You know, I just saw the contact info for your publicist on your blogger resources page. I’ll pass that on!

  • dougmullin

    yay!! congrats

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