One of my favourite aspects of blogging – and I have many –is the blogging community. You are a significant part of my life: your criticism, your push-back, your conversation, your stories, your shared laughter, your “you, too? Me, too!” all makes me feel a little less alone in the world.

Blogging has helped me feel a little less crazy for questioning, for doubting, for wrestling, for noticing the little moments, for celebrating, for learning, for changing, as I wrote my way through my life and you wrote your way through yours. Some of you have your own blogs and others are long-time commenters who have walked a lot of life alongside me and my family over the years. You’re each very dear to me.

I’ve cooked the recipes you shared, I have watched your babies grow up, I have grieved with you in the midst of loss, I have prayed for you so often. I have bought your books, I wrote post after post based on your prompts and synchroblogs. I have tried on your writing voices as I struggled to find my own. I have made many friends and a few enemies. I even found a few life long soul sisters. You’ve changed my mind, softened my heart, toughened my hide, expanded my horizons. You’ve comforted me and angered me. Our little communities, scattered around the world, matter to me.

So during this release week for my first book, I wanted to make a space for us – the bloggers, the commenters, the online communities – to have our say on this subject, too.

I want to hear why you identify as a Jesus feminist – tell us about your family or maybe about your marriage or your friends or your church.

Tell us about the people or the places or the thinkers who formed your theology of women – there is room for the healing and for the hurt.

Tell us about your neighbourhood or your travels and they way they changed how you saw the women around you.

Perhaps tell us about the man or the woman or church or preacher who changed your mind about all Jesus stuff or the feminist stuff.

Five participants will be randomly chosen to receive a signed copy of my new book, “Jesus Feminist.”

Here’s how it works:

Write a post on your own blog based on this prompt: “I am a Jesus feminist because….” And tell us your story. Tell us why you identify as a Jesus feminist – perhaps tell us about your church background or family influence, tell us about the men and women in your life who helped form your theology of women, whatever you like.

(Or if you’d rather, you could write a post based on your “I am a ________________ and I am a Jesus feminist” sign.  Based on our popular community sourced photo project, take a bit of time to tell us about your sign. Why you wrote what you wrote, why you participated, why you chose that identifier instead of another, why it matters to you.)

Publish your post. Then submit your link through the tool at the bottom of this post here that says “Submit your link”

If you don’t have a blog but want to participate, just leave your response to the prompts in a comment on this post.

Then take a bit of time to click around and read other people’s thoughts on the subject, leave a bit of comment love in your wake, make a few new connections, enjoy the community of people who are tapping away at their laptops in coffee houses and kitchens all around the world.

We’ll draw a winner on Tuesday 12 November 2013 at midnight so that gives you a week to write your post and link it up or leave a comment. We’ll pull two winners from the commenters and three from the synchrobloggers – everyone gets to participate and everyone has a chance to win.

EDITED TO ADD: Because the UK & Ireland edition won’t be out until the end of November, I’ve reopened the synchroblog for the next month or two so that everyone who wants to participate can do so!

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