You know it’s true love when…the American dons a Team Canada sweater for his Canuck girl.

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must-read of the week

Walking the Second Mile: Jesus, Discrimination, and Religious Freedom – by Rachel Held Evans

(Alternately titled, In which Rachel drops the mic.)

The truth is, evangelical Christians have already “lost” the culture wars.And it’s not because the “other side” won or because evangelicals have failed to protect our own religious liberties.  Evangelicals lost the culture wars the moment they committed to fighting them, the moment they decided to stop washing feet and start waging war.  

And I fear that we’ve lost not only the culture wars, but also our Christian identity, when the  “right to refuse” service has become a more sincerely-held and widely-known Christian belief than the impulse to give it. 

more link love

Standing Our Ground – in Prayer – by Osheta Moore (an important and necessary series of prayer, shalom here)

Old Houses Are Like This by Rebecca Woolf at Girls Gone Child (probably the most exquisite writing you’ll read today)

How desire lead you home by Christie Purifoy (okay, another contender for “most exquisite writing”)

PRESS RELEASE: Blogger loses will to write/live after being asked to weigh in on proposed gay discrimination laws – by Kristen Howerton (pretty much sums up how I feel, too, but she’s clever)

What Women Want From the Church: The Jesus of the Gospels by Bronwyn Lea

Lord, Lord – by D.L. Mayfield

5 Churches to Probably Avoid – by Kurt Willems at Red Letter Christians

Q&R: You, Rob Bell, Don Miller, and Christianity Today (Brian McLaren responds to a CT editorial and I love him even more. The end.)

Bringing Men Back into Families by Lois M. Collins and Marjorie Cortez for The Atlantic

4 Steps to Speaking Love, Instead of Violence – by Beth at Red & Honey

When our Christian Faith is Questions – by Kathy Escobar

5 Women of the Early Church You Should Know – by Zachary K. Perkins at Red Letter Christians

Good News For Girls: Valentines + Selfies + Empathy Library by Erin Wilson at SheLoves Magazine

Today is the Day! And I need you! by Glennon Melton at Momastery (if you haven’t bought her wonderful book, buy it now)

As a Father, I have Learned – by John Blase

Waiting Tables: Observing Lent with a Servant’s Heart and Resources for Easter and Lent – by Megan Tietz at SortaCrunchy

Join me for a gentle Lent – by Elizabeth Esther

When the Red X Fades #EndItMovement – by Saskia Wishart

Work at Home Mom Outfits – by Laura Tremaine at Hollywood Housewife (sign me up)

Taste Test from Hell: We Cooked a Bunch of Gross Recipes from the 1950s – at Jezebel (Warning: big horrible language – but funny as hell)

33 Pictures that will make you proud to be a human being again at Buzzfeed

Jesus Feminist, out and about

When a Jesus Feminist comes home to a Jesus Feminist – by Natalie Trust

Growth in the First Person – by Amy Lepine Peterson for The Living Church

Jesus Feminist: Beyond Patriarchy and Proof-texting – by Caryn Riswold at feminismxianity

I Married a Feminist – by Karen Spears Zacharias

my own most-read post

In which this is my sacred scared

Isn’t it funny how we *love* authenticity and vulnerability until it’s our turn to step up to the plate? Yeah. That was me for this one. Squirmy, sweaty palms, racing heart, SO MANY second-thoughts. But now that it’s out there, it’s like a big exhale, like being met by friends. Such good Church in the “you,too?” “Me, too!” Thank you for dealing so tenderly with me. May we be so tender with our own selves, too. As Glennon said, you can be brave and afraid! Bring it all.

Pinterest inspiration

want to do: Family Binder – 8 printables for all important family info

want to wear: 10 bun hairstyles for any occasion (now to figure out how to DO them….)

want to remember: Live a quiet life and work with your hands

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“You da best daddy ev-ah!” she says. And then I died.
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weekend meditation

 Galatians 6

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