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Well. Here we are, eh? After a year of dreaming and then a year of writing, and now a few long months of edits and planning and marketing, it’s finally time: Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith has now been released into the big wide world.

It’s already been out in the UK and Ireland but as of today, it’s also out in North America. It’s on bookshelves in bookstores, it’s waiting for you in your mailbox if you preordered it, it’s in your purse or on your bedside table. (It’s fine, we’re fine, everything’s fine…)

This is such a weird time in the life of a writer. This work that you’ve midwifed is about to head out into the wild to do what it was meant to do or needs to do. And it feels strange – a mix of excitement and nervousness and pride and hope and gratitude and wonder and even a teensy bit terrified altogether.

As I’ve chatted about the book from London to Abbotsford, people often ask me, what is it that you want people to receive from this book? And honestly, I think it’s probably best summed up in the dedication of the book. I dedicated this book to my children, our tinies, with these words:

Out of Sorts Dedication :: Sarah Bessey

I know we will all feel out of sorts sometimes.

Don’t be afraid.

You are so loved.


This was, without a doubt, the hardest book to write for me so far. It wasn’t just about the subject matter – although it’s tricky to write about such a tender and intimate time in a person’s life, to tell your own story while still holding space for stories that are so different than your own, to attempt to shepherd people well in the liminal spaces of their faith journeys – but it was also just the season of life with being pregnant with our fourth and then giving birth and suddenly having four tinies between the ages of 9 and newborn meant I had a lot less time with a lot less energy (and even less sleep!) and yet way more work! So I’m glad to reach this finish line, let me tell you! I just may collapse across it and sleep for a while, m’kay?

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support over this process. It means more to me than you could ever know.

So many of you have also asked how to help support the book as well as how to grab all the free stuff like printables and playlists and the first four chapters to read NOW and that kind of thing to celebrate the release.

So keep reading below for all the fun stuff and someone hand me some coffee.


With love and hope,


Free Printables

To celebrate the release of the book, we’ve created FREE Prints to download! The amazing Taylor Rauschkolb has created four amazing prints based on the book for you to download and print at home. No charge, my friends! Just click on the images and you’ll find your way to the page for downloading the PDFs. printscollage

How to Support the Book Launch

It’s always awkward to do the self-promotion part of this stuff so I’ve resorted to Doctor Who GIFS because they make me feel better. So here is How to Help Launch “Out of Sorts.” Let’s do this thing, my friends! (TL;DR version: leave a review at online retailers, buy the book, spread the word with #OutofSortsBook.)


Out of Sorts Playlist

Click here to check out the songs that were my companions while I wrote the book – I think they’ll be great companions for you as you READ it. All the praise hand emojis for old-school Jesus music!

Read the first four chapters of the book FOR FREE! My publisher is giving you a sneak peek. Click to “grabb” the first 4 chapters right here.

Synchroblog: November 5

On November 5, I’m hosting a synchroblog with the prompt “I used to think _____ and now I think _______.” Here’s how it works:

  • Write a post on your own blog using that prompt. We’re telling our stories of transformation, of the ways we’ve changed and evolved and grown, the ways we’ve changed our minds or our hearts in response to the unchanging Christ. It can be as serious or as light as you want.
  • Come to my blog on November 5. There will be a post here for the synchroblog with a link up. Just enter the link to your post (the post itself, not your blog in general) and you’ll be part of the fun.
  • Click on a few of the other posts, leave comments for each other, get to know a few new bloggers. It’s meant to be a way to connect us and our stories with one another.
  • I’ll select one of those posts for a guest post on my blog, featuring your work here. Plus that person will also receive three copies of the book as a thank you for participating.


What Other People Are Saying

From Jen Hatmaker, author of the bestselling “For the Love” and “7” (excerpted from the Foreword):

Listen, Wanderer, Wonderer, Church Girl, Question-Asker, Status Quo Upender, those of you in the in-between somewhere, those of you in the wilderness, those of you safely home: this book will be a balm. If you have ever trusted me, now is the time. What you will find in these pages is nothing short of a gift. There are plenty of us out here reimagining, rethinking, reevaluating, restarting. You aren’t alone. Sit down, pour yourself a cuppa tea (I’m channeling Sarah here), and receive this permission to leave behind the stale trappings of religion in order to find Jesus again. He is as good as we ever hoped. Thank you, my dearest Sarah Bessey, for helping us find our way back home.

From Glennon Doyle Melton, NYT bestselling author of Carry On Warrior, founder of Momastery and Together Rising

Out of Sorts reads like a love letter to Jesus and to all those desperate to see His true face. Through her indomitable heart, brilliant mind and vivid writing, Bessey sets an extravagant, cozy table in the middle of the spiritual desert. She invites her Jesus and all restless wanderers to the table and through her- we fall in love again. Bessey hosts the most holy of reunions. She is the writer, the Christian, the woman we need at this very moment and her latest offering will comfort, awaken, challenge, and heal. Out of Sorts already lives on the shelf I reserve for my all time favorites.”

From Christine Caine, Founder The A21 Campaign & Propel Women

There are so many things that I love about this book and I know you will too. I love Sarah Bessey and true to form, in Out of Sorts she is transparent, vulnerable, thought provoking and gracious as she wrestles with things we have all wrestled with or one day will. Her message of hope, love and grace is stunning and my heart resonates deeply with the thought that “we need each other, and we need to learn from each stream, because our stories don’t happen alone; our roots are all tangled together.”

From Peter Enns, author of The Bible Tells Me So: Why Defending Scripture Has Made Us Unable to Read It

Touching a raw nerve in contemporary evangelical experience, Sarah Bessey reflects on the inevitable reality of walking the path of faith without having it all worked out—and at times having none of it worked out. Thoughtful, compelling, moving and real, Bessey models a faith many are seeking but afraid to voice, a faith released of the obligation to be certain. This is the kind of book you’ll want to read and tell friends about.

Read more endorsements here.

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