One of my favourite aspects of blogging – and I have many –is the blogging community. You are a significant part of my life: your criticism, your push-back, your conversation, your stories, your shared laughter, your “you, too? Me, too!” all makes me feel a little less alone in the world.

Blogging has helped me feel a little less crazy for questioning, for doubting, for wrestling, for noticing the little moments, for celebrating, for learning, for changing, as I wrote my way through my life and you wrote your way through yours. Some of you have your own blogs and others are long-time commenters who have walked a lot of life alongside me and my family over the years. You’re each very dear to me.

I’ve cooked the recipes you shared, I have watched your babies grow up, I have grieved with you in the midst of loss, I have prayed for you so often. I have bought your books, I wrote post after post based on your prompts and synchroblogs. I have tried on your writing voices as I struggled to find my own. I have made many friends and a few enemies. I even found a few life long soul sisters. You’ve changed my mind, softened my heart, toughened my hide, expanded my horizons. You’ve comforted me and angered me. Our little communities, scattered around the world, matter to me.

So during this release week for my second book, I wanted to make a space for us – the bloggers, the commenters, the online communities – to have our say on this subject, too.

I want to hear about your own evolution of the soul. I want to hear your stories of the ways you’ve changed in your beliefs or opinions over the years and I want to hear why.

I think it’s important to continually give each other permission to change and to grow and to know that we’re not alone as we journey in our lives.

Tell me a story about something you used to think and what you think now.

We’re telling our stories of transformation, of the ways we’ve changed and evolved and grown, the ways we’ve changed our minds or our hearts in response to the unchanging Christ. It can be as serious or as light as you want.

I will read each one of your posts and then select one to feature as a guest post here at my blog and that writer will also receive three signed copies of the book to give to their friends or family as they like.

Plus five participants will be randomly chosen to receive a signed copy of my new book.

Here’s how it works:

Write a post on your own blog based on this prompt: “I used to think ____ and now I think ____.”  And tell us a story of how you’ve changed and grown and transformed in your opinions, your theology, your preferences, your doctrine, whatever in response to the unchanging Christ.

Publish your post on your blog.

Then submit the blog post link through the tool at the bottom of this post here that says “Submit your link”

(If you don’t have a blog but want to participate, just leave your response to the prompts in a comment on this post.)

Then please take a bit of time to click around and read other people’s thoughts on the subject, leave a bit of comment love in your wake, make a few new connections, enjoy the community of people who are tapping away at their laptops in coffee houses and kitchens all around the world.

I will read all of the responses and select one of the posts to feature as a guest post here at my blog – that person will also receive three signed copies of the book. Plus I’ll draw five random posts from both the submitted links AND people who comment with their own responses to the prompt and then give those five folks a signed copy of the book also. That way everyone has a chance to participate and to win.

Can’t wait to read your responses!

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