This feels like a stupid and small thing to do but I feel powerless and so I’m doing all the stupid and small things I can possibly do to make my voice heard. Sending emails, tweets, posting selfies, making donations, sending money, praying, lighting candles, reading all the news stories even if they break my […]

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Sunset :: Sarah Bessey


I was very happy in our white townhouse at the bottom of the hill forest, next to the blueberry farms. After living at a busy intersection in the city, across the street from a fire station, at first the silence of that place was a heavy velvet. For six years, we basked in the home we […]

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It needs to have magic

I remember when blogging was mainly about our personal lives, our comings-and-goings, our thoughts or mundane adventures. Funny, isn’t it? There weren’t book deals to be had yet – publishing wasn’t paying attention to blogging yet, and there was no such thing as Facebook or Twitter to mark “going viral,” and soapbox rants or manifestos […]

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Ask Away with Sarah Bessey

Ask Away: Round 3

This August, I’m answering questions from you, dear readers. Silly or serious, post your question on my Facebook page. I’ll do my best to answer as many as I can either through video, on Facebook, or through a post. These answers are more “stream of consciousness” than deeply researched though so be warned.   A […]

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