In which I read my bad reviews

You know better. Of course, you do. You know better than to read blog posts about your book. You know better than to Google yourself. You know better than to troll a list of “best blogs” looking for your own absent name. And you know better than to ignore the 5-star reviews and only read […]

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In which I am gratefully disillusioned

Dear Pastor, leader, dear teacher, dear friend: Do you remember how I used to call you the “Man of God?” I grew up believing that you  were better than us because surely you spent hours and hours in study and prayer and reflection on The Things of God. I learned to “touch not the Lord’s […]

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In which I link you up (vol. 47)

must read of the week The Man in the Centre by John Blase more link love What now? by Rachel Held Evans In search of a better gospel by Micah J. Murray An Open Letter from the Praxis Team When the roads to Zion mourn by Kelley Nikondeha Healers, Bridge Builders, and Community Cultivators by Kathy Escobar […]

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In which I’m looking for subversive hope

Haiti makes Walter Brueggemann make a bit more sense to me. The Bruegg (as I affectionately and irreverantly think of him) is the theologian who has been wrecking building my life over the past year or so.  In The Prophetic Imagination, he writes that real hope only comes after despair. Only if we have tasted despair, […]

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