Soapbox Warning: On Jian Ghomeshi and the acceptability of sexualized violence against women

Trigger warning: rape, abuse, sexualized violence.  One of my blogger-jokes is that I like to think about and write about the stuff we don’t usually discuss in polite company – things like marriage and religion and politics, for instance. But I have to say I’ve never in my life considered or entertained the idea of […]

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“And on behalf of this world, you’re very welcome.” :: a response to Doctor Who “In the Forest of the Night”

Once a week, we have an unapologetic Doctor Who geek-out here to discuss the latest episode. I’ve just finished watching the 10th episode of the 8th season of the rebooted Doctor Who called In the Forest of the Night (<—that’s a recap from BBC America’s Anglophenia.) Fair warning now: this is not a summary, just an off-the-top-of-my-head […]

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Flutters and faith

I have three tinies and this is my eighth pregnancy. Those kinds of odds can mess with a woman. As I said a few weeks ago when I first told you about this baby, it’s been a bit of a roller coaster. I spent the first four months of this pregnancy convinced that it wasn’t […]

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More than metaphors: on bearing witness to baptism

On Sunday, four people climbed the ladder into the tiny plastic six-foot wide tank set up for our sacred purposes at the school gym. Standing in waist-deep warm water, our pastor stood with an arm around each person in turn: tell us your story, he said. And they did. Someone had typed up a few […]

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Link Love (vol. 52)

  your must-reads of the week Why I Don’t Go to Church by D.L. Mayfield and What Mark Driscoll Teaches Us About Grace and Responsibility by Kristen Howerton a bit more link love The Pain Recedes & We Carry It Together by Shauna Niequist Every Grain of Sand by Brian Zahnd The Bible Term Most Misused […]

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A Memory of our True Home

Once I read a book about a child who was kidnapped (I can’t read those kinds of books anymore, so this must have been many years ago). The boy was kidnapped as a toddler, and they brainwashed him. They gave him a new name, they called themselves his Mum and Dad, they created an entire life for him. From […]

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