Blogging has made the world seem small to me, like we’re all a big family, but it’s made my world expand, too. Now it feels so normal to know and love people – not causes, not projects, not pictures, not stereotypes, not just stories, no, people! – all around the world. I’ve discovered men and women around the world who love, people who throw open doors, who work for justice, who plant gardens in exile.

Those kinds of people will change your life.

Today is Valentines Day. Usually as a SheLoves Community, we participate in a Valentines Day fundraiser for women – do you remember when we purchased identity cards for the women of Bubanza a couple of years ago? We all told our husbands or boyfriends or friends that instead of roses, that year all we wanted were blue identity cards (we even called them “blue roses”). It was amazing.

But this year, we’re taking a year off so instead, I’m throwing my heart in with my friend Lisa-Jo Baker and her family in South Africa.


Check out her post today:

Love runs faster than fear. Love runs toward hopelessness. Love runs past doubt. Love runs the race wild and true and on shaking, determined knees.

Love runs to its friends and invites them in.

Love sees everyone as family and every day a start of something beautiful.  Love runs through doors even where there aren’t supposed to be any.

This is my family.



You are my friends.

Here is the door.

I’m holding it open, run through and fall in love.

This plan has been a year in the making and the goal is to raise $150,000 to fund the entire project between Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day – because love is more than a date on the calendar, and it never leaves anyone out. And Mother’s Day is a 365 days a year adventure, always worth celebrating.

Phase 1: Community Vegetable Garden {watered by the water point you all built last fall}

Phase 2: Community Kitchen and Welcome Center

Phase 3: Community Outreach Hall

Phase 4: 12 Classrooms

Phase 5: Playground

Click here to donate.

Because there’s a whole community of women who are raising more kids than just their own and still have all the same hopes, dreams and fears that we do.

And there’s a whole community of kids who would tell you that there is nothing ordinary 


You see what I mean? This is Lisa-Jo’s family, her community, her heart. And because she’s my friend, I love her friends, too. And I want to be part of this community of women, to say “we love you and we stand with you” to them.

Click here for the full Pure Charity page for details and donating.

The first phase of the project is a community vegetable garden.

This is good ground – literally and figuratively.

Let’s plant a garden in South Africa today.

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