Sarah's Reading Lists

One of my favourite things to do when I visit a friend is snoop their bookshelves (if you are my friend in real life: yeah, sorry about that). I like to see what you read, which books have a battered spine, which books make the privileged cut for prime bookshelf real estate, which books are currently laying wide open on the couch. I love to talk about books, talk about what you’re reading and learning, so this is really pure indulgence for me. (Also: I’m learning how to write books.)

Consider this an invitation to snoop my bookshelves.

I read widely but I have particular weakness for literature, poetry, conversion memoirs, Christian spirituality, and authentic stories of God’s grace and redemption, Anne of Green Gables, Hogwarts, Narnia, Northanger Abbey, Gothic mysteries…oh, okay, fine I’ll read almost anything…

Once a month (or so), I do a round-up of what I’m reading these days. Check them out here.

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