This feels like a stupid and small thing to do but I feel powerless and so I’m doing all the stupid and small things I can possibly do to make my voice heard. Sending emails, tweets, posting selfies, making donations, sending money, praying, lighting candles, reading all the news stories even if they break my heart, all of it.

Small acts of peacemaking are still peacemaking.


Now please read my friend and warrior-sister Ann Voskamp’s letter to little Alyan.

There’s enough room for all of you in our imagination of the future, Alyan.  There’s enough room in this land, in our embarrassment of riches, for us to imagine you growing up and opening up books and bringing creative ideas and forging a fresh way and our land needed the hope of you, Alyan. We couldn’t afford to lose you, Alyan.

We couldn’t afford to lose the music only you would make, the ideas only you would have, the world that only could ever be, because you were here with us. There was enough space in our schools, in our streets, in our dreams for you. Your were born for this land’s dreams, Alyan — not a haunting of all our collective nightmares.  

And then

Now go do your own small and senseless act of peacemaking today.

Pick one small stone, my friends. It feels like it’s not enough, I know, but let’s make this mountain move.

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