I think that someday, when I am old, I will be glad that I wrote this down. (These are the days we will have to remember someday.) Isn’t that the way it is with these moments? The small moments, the small decisions, make up a life worth remembering and I want to make more room in my life (and so my writing) to remember them. Even if it’s just for me. Simple stories still matter to me.

The girls were playing dress-up while Joe was downstairs playing Legos after supper. I left Brian to the dishes to pretty up their hair and apply my bright lipstick to their small mouths as a special treat. We sprayed perfume into the air and moved through the mist. They paraded up and down the house, grandly greeting each other turn after turn: “Why hello, Miss Evelynn, pleasure to see you.” They decided to have a ball and so I opened iTunes on the computer. The laptop keys are sticky and there are smears on the screen: family computer, it seems.

Brian and I switched spots and he scooped them up in his arms, a dish towel flung over his shoulder. The girls danced with their dad, and I cleaned the kitchen, humming along, watching them all. The girls drifted off to another game and we settled back to our work, we always do. There’s a lot to do: a lot of work, a lot of bills, a lot of commitments, go go go.

On these nights, romance smells like butter and garlic, dish soap and clean skin. On a whim, I turned on Andrew Peterson’s song “Dancing in the Minefields” and, without words, we turned to each other, held on and danced. Romance shows up in the interruptions.

Even when we are tired or we aren’t speaking the same language or we are out of step, we still know enough to turn towards each other when the music starts.

Evelynn came barrelling in to the room (she barrels into every room) and charged at us: me too! me too! me too! We picked her up and we danced, and Anne wormed her way in, then Joe wandered upstairs and we were dancing like a messy rugby scrum, shuffling and swaying and out of step, five people crammed into one embrace.

I laid my head on his chest like I haven’t done in a while, he kissed my hair, I knew he was smiling, and Evelynn laid her face right next to mine, nose to nose. Anne was hanging on to me at the south, Joe to the north.

I make a lot of mistakes in this marriage, I’m sure he’d say the same, but we always find our way back to this. I found myself singing along: at the end of all my fear, to the end of all my days, when I forget my name, remind me. 

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  • Yes please! THIS. MORE OF THIS.

  • Oh, so much glory. This song, this scene. You.

    Thank you.

  • rachel

    oh beloved, I am so glad you shared this with us. thank you.

  • oh beloved, I am so glad you shared this with us. thank you.

  • This song, what a blessing, says it all.

  • Liz Colver

    I have never heard this song before and I needed it so very badly tonight. so very badly. thank you.

  • emilyrose

    Oh man..it was a very good choice to have this written out because these are the sweet moments you want to remember. I love your honesty and can only pray to have a marriage as lovely as the one you describe.

  • Karrilee Aggett

    So Much Yes and Amen here!

  • Susan Dunlap

    This is wonderful stuff here, the stuff of live and love and promises.

  • Corley

    You make even the mundane seem like magic. Thank you.

  • JodyStover

    This is it, isn’t it? This is life, exactly. Thank you.

  • “and we were dancing like a messy rugby scrum” most beautiful simile ever. Been there. LOVE these moments. These are the happily ever afters we just can’t hear about enough.

  • I love these posts, Sarah. “…we still know enough to turn towards each other…” –And isn’t that the “secret to success” if there is such a thing? Despite all the distractions, the to-do lists, the weariness, the friction…taking a step towards each other is what renews and sustains that love. Thanks for sharing. Gives me hope.

  • Oh Sarah. I love this. Thank you for sharing. (And thank you for giving me hope.)

  • Anon

    These are my favorite posts of yours, hands down. Love, the sacred everyday…You help me remind myself that what I am doing – the hard work I am doing in my life – is valuable.

  • Aww so sweet 🙂

  • meganfriedokra

    Pure beauty.

  • Tim

    Beautiful, Sarah. Kids, family, song & dance, hugs and dish soap. Beautiful.

  • theblahblahblahger

    I have chills all over. I LOVE how you love.

  • “five people crammed into one embrace.” I just love this image. Blessings to you as y’all continue to find that embrace together.

  • Lindsay

    made me tear up. so beautiful.

  • I’d never heard that song before, but thank you for sharing it (and your story), Sarah. This meant so much to me today.

  • Sarah, this is so beautiful. I love that you wrote it on in order to remember it better later on. And that you were fully aware of how special and beautiful it was at the time. My husband and I have been married for almost exactly two months now, and I’ve been trying to keep track of the small — but not-really-so-small — moments by writing them down. Thank you for sharing this snapshot in your life.

  • So very beautiful. Thank-you for sharing.

  • jamieivey

    love this Sarah and love this song! Thanks Sarah!

  • pastordt

    Beautiful. Thank you.

  • *tearing up* Thanks, Sarah!

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