photo by Scott Wade

photo by Scott Wade

Oh, goodness gracious, do I have some good news for you today….

Our school in Haiti has opened!

Yes, today was the first day of classes at Williamson Adrien Academy in Petion-ville, Haiti!

Class is in session – let the legacy of education and empowerment begin!

It’s been almost exactly a year since I went to Haiti – and you came along with me.

Now here we are, a year later, with a real legit school on the grounds of Yahve Shamma. (In fact, click here to meet the teachers.)

The legacy is bigger than we could have dreamed – now it’s an entire neighbourhood’s worth of a generation in Haiti!

Seriously, that’s doing some good, I think.

Help One Now tells us:

The building is complete.  It is strong and beautiful…built according to international building code, using the highest quality materials.  This project was led and executed with dignity and purpose by Haitians, for Haitians.  The school has 14 classrooms and will hold up to 425 students!  425 children who will carry hope for a better Haiti.  And in the words of our CEO, “investing in education is the best way to punch poverty in the face.”

I couldn’t wait to share this news with you. You were a part of this vision right from the start and you really showed up for these kids in this neighbourhood. You donated money, you fundraised, you wrote your own blog posts and harassed your churches, you prayed and you advocated and then you prayed some more.

I love doing life with people who are so committed to living out the Kingdom of God in real ways. And that includes all of you.

I love that there are 425 kids sitting in a school in Haiti right this blessed moment and we had some small part to play in that.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are doing some serious good out in the world, and this is just one more example of what it looks like when we are part of God’s global dream to rescue, restore, and redeem humanity.

Good on you.


There is an ongoing annual campaign to pay the teachers. In case you didn’t know, most teachers in Haiti aren’t paid, it’s strictly volunteer. But by paying the teachers, the Academy hopes ensure a living wage for their staff, equip the classrooms with supplies, and enhance the quality of education for their students.

If you would like to contribute towards teacher salaries, please click here and donate.

Consider adopting a classroom with your church home group or Sunday school class or for your family Christmas (instead of gifts for each other, give the gift of education). And you can also help simply by spreading the word through your own community and context or through social media.


Photos courtesy of Help One Now.


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