My tinies are with the babysitter for a few hours today so that I can do a bit of work. And so for lunch I am chowing down on a gigantic bowl of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

Oh, unnaturally vivid orange “cheese” and noodles – I just can’t quit you.

I make good choices when it comes to eating overall, I promise. I take vitamins and drink water beautifully, I ensure a balanced plate is at every meal for the family. I love vegetables and healthy food, too.

But as the special treat? my indulgences are the food of a fourteen-year-old and I’m not even sorry.

This girl probably had a Slurpee for lunch.

Me, at 13. I probably had a Slurpee for lunch that day.

My favourite food is still cheese pizza. I adore a quick stop at 7-11 for a Pepsi Slurpee on a summer Friday.

On the (very) rare occasion when I’m home alone, I eat popcorn for supper. Toaster waffles from the freezer section, pizza pops, Cheezies, oh, it’s like illegal contraband and it’s even tastier because it’s so wrong. In fact, when I was pregnant with my son, my one and only craving was Froot Loops. Mmmmmm, Froot Loops.

Let’s not even talk about junk-food cereal. I’m looking at you, Cap’n Crunch.

In fact, I have been known to exercise my adult driving privileges just to drive two hours south to the United States just to go to the fast-food joint Sonic for a slush and tater tots.

Maybe I’m not a foodie with perfectly plated meals of quinoa and lobster for Instagram, but I’m so happy with my root beer floats and Corn Pops.

In the important ways, I’ve proven myself a Certified Proper Grown-Up. Small indulgences are sweet for that very reason perhaps….. like…..

I love to wear pajama pants. Like, it’s probably alarming how much I love pajamas. If it was socially acceptable, I’d wear them all the time. Instead, I settle for “getting ready for bed” immediately after supper.

I need a ridiculous amount of sleep, but I’m like a toddler. Early to bed and early to rise. Don’t ever call me after 8:30 at night, I might be sleeping.

I refuse to wear uncomfortable shoes unless absolutely necessary. (And you’d be surprised how few things in life REQUIRE high heels.) Every once in a long while, I’ll put on heels for a speaking engagement and I always bitterly regret it.

I love to watch musicals and kid movies that make me feel good. I’ve watched Anne of Green Gables twice a year every year since 1985. Last night, we watched The Sound of Music. This weekend, we have a date with Annie. (Miss Hannigan would be the greatest costume for a fancy-dress party ever in the history of the world, am I right?)

When I have stuff to do – like, say, writing a book – I avoid my work and spend my time reading novels or checking Buzzfeed instead.

I still love old paperback novels for my comfort reading particularly L.M. Montgomery novels. Particular favourites for a re-read include A Tangled Web, The Blue Castle, Jane of Lantern Hill, the Emily books, and of course the Anne books. I never grow out of them.

I love to read aloud with my kids and am still captivated by kid books – Ramona, Little House, Matilda (we just started this one after Anne’s birthday and it is so funny), they’re all still good. I can’t wait for the day when we dip back into A Wrinkle in Time. Madeleine L’Engle was right: “You have to write the book that wants to be written. And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you write it for children.” 

I can waste time like it’s my job. Give me a bit of wilderness for wandering and I can keep myself busy for a ridiculous amount of time.

If I have a bit of spending money, I’ll spend it on ridiculous things like books and junk food.

I’m a very good grown-up. I work hard and well, I raise my tinies well, I do all the lovely grown up things like pay bills and save for retirement and clean the house and keep little teeth brushed. So it’s just plain lovely to luxuriate in a few childish things now and then, isn’t it?

For a bit of fun this Friday, tell me what are your childish indulgences?

I know, I know, you’re a responsible adult but what are the kid things you still love to watch or read or do – or, like me, eat?

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  • Orton1227

    I still watch Saved By The Bell religiously. Thank you Netflix. Other than that, I’m a perfect grown-up. LOL

  • Nerds candy. Like crack to me. Puffed Cheetos. Ice cream out of the tub with chocolate sauce squirted all over it. Cotton candy. I’m basically a 12 year old boy with a sugar habit….

    Also books – yes boxes and boxes of lovely books. I will never be a Kindle girl – give the pages I fell in love with and I will keep going back to them year after year.

    Long baths. YES to pajamas as soon after dinner as possible.

    And naps. I live for naps.

    • NERDS! lisa-jo, i just posted “what 35 year old still loves nerds??ME!” Ha!

    • I love Nerds. Well, all the Willy Wonka candy really. 🙂

  • kraft mac and cheese.. yes. i have been known to hide boxes of it from my own tinies just so i can have it all. pop tarts. i still can’t get over them. i buy them every time i fly somewhere. i would rather be in a candy store than the ritziest cupcake place. i still cave for haribo gummie bears. but only haribo. and nerds. i love nerds. what 35 year old likes nerds? me. i wish i was australian. as in i have recently watched a 90’s australian soap series (based in the outback of south australia) through twice. nine seasons. twice. and i may start through it a third time. soon. why not?

    • Michelle Luck

      Which soap series? McLeod’s Daughters? Cos that’s more than a soap, that’s a classic family drama series!

  • Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

    Cheetos. They stain your fingers, though,so everyone knows you ate them. And forget pajamas on after dinner–I change into pajamas before I start cooking. Pajamas, big glass of wine–oh, wait, that’s a grownup indulgence.

  • My kid things are more what I don’t do. I don’t clean. I don’t save for retirement. I don’t go to bed early, and I don’t wake early!

  • Rachel

    I’m with you on the pajamas. My favorite junk food treats: ice cream, “fake” pizza (melted cheese and pepperoni on toast), and hot chocolate with marshmallows. I also LOVE to revisit my favorite childhood movies, like the Rats of NIMH and Beauty and the Beast. My other favorite indulgence is to grab a comfy blanket on a snowy day and just curl up on the couch and play video games with my hubby.

  • Abby Norman

    I ran through the neighbors sprinkler last night. It was glorious. I like to jump on the bed when I need a mood boost. Works every time. Cereal for dinner, yes please. Young Adult novels, can’t get enough. And driving around with the music too loud, please!

  • Alyssa Johnson

    I’m 22, so I’m still pretty much a kid, but I love to watch Arthur. A few weeks ago, my husband and I spent Saturday morning watching the Magic School Bus (although the husband being an engineer, he kept saying what was wrong with it). We love Captain Planet and Spongebob. And Cotton Candy Explosion ice cream from Brusters and chocolate milk and Kool-Aid Jammers. I love that we will always stay young at heart.

  • Amy Reasoner

    Totino’s frozen pizza. My sister and I used to eat these EVERY afternoon when we were in junior high. We’d make two pizzas, pop in a movie, and spend our afternoon stuffing our faces in front of the TV. And this is still what I do when I have an evening at home to myself – anytime my husband takes a road trip, I buy a frozen pizza, and I hate that he’s gone quite a bit less.

  • Oh, man. If I’m not in bed by 9pm, let’s just not even. I, too, need so.much.sleep. Early bird, worm, etc. Also – popcorn for dinner, reading under the covers with a flashlight (sorry, husband) and writing my married name in swirly letters all over scrap papers. (I’ve been married 7 years.) I dearly love to read your blog and this bit of fun was a lovely refreshment at the end of this week!

  • Sour candy of any kind, sour skittles, sour punch straws (are those in Canada?), sour sour sour. I do reserve the right to mix sodas at a soda fountain- known to all the cool kids as a suicide. I’m with you on the slurpee and I have a Kindle…I tried to use it, truly I did but I have to feel the pages. I too am a deeply devout Anne fan. I read Anne of the Island once a year like it’s my job. Charlotte’s Web is another one for me. I’ll find myself reading it at some point in the year even if just for a few minutes. I’m a Southern girl and around here we have a couple of local things that are my guilty pleasures. Cheerwine, which is a cherry soda and a fudge round (a snack cake) are something I will sell my soul for once a month. What else? Oh, a York Peppermint patty. My mama kept a candy bar in her purse all the time and thought I don’t do that I have trouble resisting the impulse buy of a York Peppermint patty. Gawsh, this was a good question. Now I’m craving all kinds of junk and I want to put on my pjs.

  • Mine are hilariously similar to yours. Including the Anne viewing (all three movies, even the sort of terrible, but can’t stop watching it last one that is so far off where the books went it makes me rant for hours and my poor husband has no idea what I’m going on about) and LMM re-reading (and various other childrens’ books). I also listen to Sandra Boynton songs in my car even when my kids aren’t there. Junk food of choice is pizza and ice cream. I also try to convince my kids to listen to one more Dr. Seuss story regularly.

  • Laura

    Oh my gosh. This post is ME, Sarah! I could have written it. I eat Froot Loops regularly while I work at a summer camp in Northern Ontario because I can. I don’t buy them…. but I claim them as my “colour in my diet.”

    Other indulgences for me, other than… well… everything on your list…. chicken mcnuggets. Books with no e-reader. I downloaded a free Kindle App so I could get a copy of a book that Amazon just can’t keep in stock apparently, but otherwise, page-turnable books. Kids movies. Kids books.

    Colouring. I LOVE colouring. I have markers for school that my kids can use (I’m a Grade 1/2 teacher) and markers at home that are only for me. They’re the good markers.

    Long, hot baths. Swimming on pool noodles, gummi candy, Lego.

    Lastly — swamp water — mixing flavours of pop at the fountain pop stations at restaurants. My favourite? 2/3 Strawberry Passion Awareness Fruitopia and 1/3 Sprite. I like to think that the grownup in me comes out when I start doing it in fractions…

  • All of it. Everything you said. It’s even more obvious for the fact that I am an ex-pat and am not around my favourite sruff. My kids don’the like PB&J – say what?? It’s my staple we-got-nothing-in-the-pantry-but-it’s-all-good-cause-PBJ-is-all-4-food-groups go-to dish. And my kids, raised in the wilds of Great Britain, just don’t dig it. So when I went home for 3 months this spring I dove into Walmart like a starving woman at a buffet (which it kinda was). Lucky Charms and corn dogs were for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It wasn’t pretty (let’s just say I taught Cookie Monster his table manners). It was so wrong, and yet, oh, so right 😉

  • Sarah e. a. fusaro

    I’m not really a responsible adult. That’s an act.

    I watch animated movies, dance in the kitchen, looooooove pop tarts, eat popcorn for dinner, love coloring, ignore problems and procrastinate, and hide away with books.

  • Alissa

    Boxed macaroni and cheese all the way. It’s a “Friday treat” for my youngest that’s still home with me on Fridays, but if I am being honest, I look forward to it just as much as he does.

  • Abbie Kampman

    Umm, don’t be revolted: I love canned peas. Yeah. The mushy, flavorless, gush-in-your mouth peas my mom used to put in her tuna noodle casserole (which was virtually canned EVERYTHING thrown in a bowl: tuna, cream of mushroom soup, peas, mayo, BLISS). I go to bed at 8:30 religiously and awake at 5am. I live in the same pair of neon pink cloth workout shorts and wear sweatshirts in the dead of summer- I would wear ratty old sweatshirts forever and ever, Amen. I love frappuccinos, secretly, because I also love very black, sophisticated americanos but every so often I will sneak a venti caramel frappuccino with whip because- well, do I need a reason? I love bubble gum and colored sharpies and SCHOOL SUPPLIES and the smell of books (musty and new). I want a reason to go back to school because I never had a year I hated it (I hated the girls in junior high- but never school, oh no.) I love Astrid Lindgren books, LM Montgomery, and still wish I could be Jo March (or have a Marmee). I (shh) love Halloween, the treats, the kiddo costumes, the cheesy “scary” decor. I live in ponytails (I hate “doing” my hair) and only wear respectable non-workout clothes on Sundays, for two hours, at church. Then I come home and promptly changes (as does my husband). I live for hole in the wall ice cream shops, or McDonalds vanilla cones. I love dipping things in ketchup, ranch, hummus, bbq sauce, because no raw veggie is actually good by itself. Shall I go on forever? 🙂

  • Sarah Silvester

    Here in New Zealand we have “Cheerios” – tiny little red sausages that are at every kids birthday party with tomato sauce (ketchup?). I am a danger to myself and everyone around me at kids parties. Cheerios, cupcakes, “hundreds and thousands biscuits” (pink icing, sprinkles), jelly (jello?), sausage rolls. I’m all in.
    I love my kids picture books and always want to keep the best ones for myself.
    This week I got a giant stack of books from the library, all from the kids section with at least 3 that weren’t for my kids.
    I refuse to open official looking envelopes and wait for someone else to do it for me (namely my long-suffering husband).
    And I do have to say that elastic waisted pants of any kind are the best ever. To quote Miranda “are you, or are you not, wearing an elasticated maternity jean?!”

  • Brelande

    Hip hip hoorah for embracing the inner child!
    I’m 24 and still love me some baked beans with melted cheese cubes!
    I still sleep with my beloved stuffy called puppy.
    Arthur is one of my fave cartoons along with the magic school bus, and Netflix is the best for streaming them both.
    Colouring with crayons is the only way to go.
    Penny candies are delightful along with a fruity or crush slurpee!
    I still have to force myself to eat veggies and not have tubs of ice cream for dinner.
    Oh me oh my isn’t living like a child just the best!!! Thanks Sarah for this lovely Friday post!!!!

  • Mac n cheese out of a box is so comforting! I usually indulge during tax season, when my husband works long hours and I just need comfort food. I also subscribe to Vogue. Not because I’ll ever wear anything in it, but the clothes and pictures are so pretty. Fun post!

  • Bohemian Puritan

    I love to watch 1940s-era Looney Toons, eat Cheetos Puffs, and drink chocolate milk. If I could swing it all at the same time, bliss. A bonus would be if I had some footie pajamas, fleece, with little Benedict Cumberbatches all over them.

  • Junk food cereal (although I just call it “snack cereal”) and Sonic 100% yes. Also, buying nail polish is what I do when I need a little harmless pick-me-up, probably because I wasn’t allowed to wear it as a child. Good topic for a Friday!

  • breeziemoon

    Oh my, where to start… Popcorn absolutely makes a great dinner (or lunch). Pancakes, too. All of my favorite books are either picture books or young adult lit. I find myself listening to (and singing along to) the kids’ music regularly, whether they’re with me or not. I shamelessly enjoy watching animated movies and kid shows. And the Muppets. The children’s reading room at our library is one of my favorite places in town. As the song says, “This is the best part – you’ll have a head start if you are among the very young at heart.”

  • Bek

    Pajamas all day! Popcorn for dinner! Cereal for dessert!
    Anne books are always a good idea {got to visit PEI last year – trip of a lifetime!} and Anne movies are the best best best reason to keep a working VHS player 🙂

  • I’m a big fan of dessert before dinner, climbing trees and playing tag. Why don’t adults play tag?

  • Graham crackers with peanut butter and marshmallow creme (fluff)…..crazy pregnancy craving–oreo milkshakes and jalapeño poppers from Jack in the Box (so, so bad yet so good!). I love reading books with my fourth grader because sometimes, kids books are just way better than grown up books. I also love playing tag with my kids, horsing around with them at the pool, and wrestling with them at home (gently of course) and doing other non-mommy like things. And I sometimes use their fart gun. True confessions time here. 🙂

  • Jen Hamilton

    I still sleep with the Pound Puppy I bought with Christmas money in middle school. I wouldn’t know what to do with my arms otherwise (contrary to what tv and movies tell you, you can NOT hug your husband all night long! Besides, he sleeps with a stuffed Ravens football.). I put on my comfy pants pretty much the minute I walk in the door in the late afternoon. I love Starburst (yellow and orange) and Dr. Pepper and drawing on the sidewalk with chalk.

  • randomnessgoesalongway

    ah! I’m so glad I’m not the only one madly in love with Jane of Lantern Hill – favourite LM Montgomery book. biggest regret is that she died before she could write a sequel

    –abby klassen

  • So yes to the pajama pants or yoga pants; kids’ cereals but especially Cap’n Crunch Crunchberries, Lucky Charms or Froot Loops; Nerds and Runts; York Peppermint Patties; popcorn and M&M’s; any Louisa May Alcott or Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I don’t do any of these with any regularity anymore, except the pajama/yoga pants. That’s every day!

  • Gina

    It’s so nice to know I’m not the only grown-up that still LOVES KD! I hear ya on the PJs, too. And the junk cereal. And the lots-of-sleep. And the comfy shoes. Additionally, my favourite candy is still the 5-cent variety at Mac’s or 7-Eleven, and I have no shame in buying it in bulk for my candy dish at work.

  • Amy A.

    Oh, I can answer this question in so many ways. I love Disney movies and old Warner Brothers cartoons, and the Anne of Green Gables books and movies are like old friends to me. Same with Little Women and Pride and Prejudice, and rereading Harry Potter or anything by Madeline L’Engle are surefire prescriptions to cure a bad day. My favorite cereal indulgence is Lucky Charms, partially because it reminds me of my dad- we only got sugary cereal for breakfast when he did the shopping! I also love playgrounds, stargazing, finding shapes in the clouds, and running straight into the water at the beach; no wading in slowly for me!

  • My list is so much like yours… love Anne, Little House, and all kids books. I use the excuse that I’m “previewing” books for my kids just to read them. I’m all over the horribly bad for me junk food… tots, Doritos, cheese in a can. Yum. Musicals are my love language. So yep, I haven’t grown up either. 🙂

  • Disney animation (and pretty much everything else, even though I’ve never been to a park and don’t particularly care about Mickey or the gang at all).

    Coloring – I do so love coloring.

    All the books EVER.

    Lucky Charms. ♥

  • rachieannie

    Definitely on the LM Montgomery books,but I am the opposite of you – I sleep like a teenager. Stay up late, sleep late. Good thing we’ve trained our kids to be the same way! And yup on eating like a 14 year old. I am terrible. I’m all about crunchy things on the outside – goat milk soap, coconut oil, essential oils, etc, but on the inside? Yeah, mac-n-cheese is our go to dinner. And don’t even get me started on how fast we can eat a bag of chips or a package of Oreos! Ridiculous.

  • I regularly eat ice cream out of the carton.

    I play dress up like a boss. Almost every year, I throw myself a costume party for my birthday, and I make my friends dress up too. (Recent years: pirate, Marie Antoinette, steampunk) I also go to movie premiers in costume. Including the Harry Potter and Twilight movies.

    My wonderful parents didn’t have a lot of money for frivolities when I was a kid, so now that I’m a grown up, I take my kids and myself on carousels every chance we get.

    I DON’T CLEAN MY ROOM. I have always hated cleaning my room. When I was a kid, I had to do it anyway. Now I get to indulge my childish preference. The ultimate luxury for me right now is that I get to pay someone to come clean my house, including my room.

    My Whovian side feels pretty childish, in an indulge-my-inner-Amy way. After a people-full night last night (25 people crammed in my living room for a BBQ that moved indoors because of the rain), I needed some introvert time to unwind. My husband took our kids out of the house today, and I spent hours sitting on the couch nursing the baby while watching the beginning and ending of a bunch of Pond-era Doctor Who episodes, trying to get the River Song storyline straight in my head. Still, nope. Wibbly-wobbly.

    Tonight (it’s 8 pm in the Netherlands), I am about to cook fish fingers and custard to eat in an hour when I watch Deep Breath live on BBC.

  • Marnie

    “books and junk food”

    perfect. 🙂

  • I love chips and dip. Yum. I could eat a whole bag of chips and a whole container of dip if no one is looking. And Golden Grahams. I used to get them when I visited my grandmother and I still love them.

    L. M. Montgomery’s books are like comfort reading to me. Love them all, every single one. And we’ve been listening to Ramona audiobooks in the car all summer long and I swear, I love them more than the kids!

  • Cate

    I had “Blue Box” mac cheese for dinner tonight and popcorn for dinner on Wednesday – I just couldn’t face real food, a vegetable or anything else those days. I’m also a sucker for Rice Krispie treats. And, I love to color. I just went on a week long vacation to meet my newly born niece and took color books and colored pencils to entertain myself on the 15 hour drive (ugh). I do buy the very complex color books now – so that’s semi-grown-up, right?!

  • Neal73

    I say good for you, there’s nothing worse than joyless grown-ups. I’ve always fancied trying Kraft Macaroni Cheese but I live in UK and it is expensive here. I read children’s books all the time. I am currently reading “Children of Green Knowe” to get into the Christmas spirit. I also love reading the Narnia books. My favourite chocolate is Cadbury Buttons – there’s something about Button shaped chocolate that just tastes better. I exclusively have children’s cereal for breakfast – currently I’m working my way through a box of Sugar Puffs. I am 41 and I have no shame about any of the above.