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  • "October feels like a woman who knows her age and rests comfortable in that knowledge, like the woman I want to be someday. Bearing her years like a crown, beautiful but in her own beauty not the borrowed or contrived beauty of past seasons, wise and patient, crisp and alive, a bit tart but restful. October feels kind and strong in equal measure." - from today's Field Notes 🍂 (If you're a paid subscriber to my weekly-ish e-newsletter Field Notes, check your inbox. 📬 I tucked a lovely little essay to make you smile in there just as a thank you.) If you haven't subscribed yet, October's Field Notes will begin on the 20th so click the link in my profile to sign up. See you soon.
  • One of the little kickers of my illness is terrible sleep: last night was not great. But we woke to my favourite weather (grey skies and raining) which means it is time for hand knits to be worn. I decided to take a morning off for the first time in a very long time. Used bookstore ramble, mug of tea in hand, and it will need to be a slow day. Slow days happen more than I like but here I am, choosing to turn towards life in the midst of them. #ReasonableMiracles
  • Hey-oh, Spanish speakers, we are coming to you in 2020!
For info, follow @juanuno1ed
  • From our home to yours, our daughter would like to remind you BE THANKFUL! 😂
  • It is usually my policy to avoid reading reviews (when you write something like JESUS FEMINIST, that is just good self care) but that rule has been relaxed for this book - I have been overwhelmed to read over and over again how this book connected with so many of you already. I knew that MIRACLES AND OTHER REASONABLE THINGS was one of those books that would either REALLY REALLY land with readers ... or it REALLY REALLY would not - and it could have gone either way. To know now that it did land so well for so many of you is deeply satisfying after so much hard work. Thanks for telling your friends and online retailers and bookstores and libraries and fellow readers ... but mostly, thank you for also telling me. It means a lot. Seeing pictures like this will never feel "normal" to me. Thank you so much for all your Stories, comments, tags, reviews, and posts this past week. It is humbling and wonderful.
#ReasonableMiracles #Miraclesandotherreasonablethings
  • Like a lot of you, I feel scared, frustrated, heartbroken, and powerless about the ongoing violence in Syria. I have found that @preemptivelove - who are right now on the ground - to be a good partner and connection point. There are so many organizations doing good work, I know. But I can also say that these are good people, legit, and if you are wanting a way to funnel your anger and grief into tangible action - along with holding leaders accountable - this org is a good one to follow, listen to,  and, if you are able, to fund as well. Keep paying attention, this matters. I'll put a link to their org in my profile, too. 
Thanks for your ongoing work @thejcourt and @jessicajcourtney


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