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  • I know there are a lot of important things happening in the world but if you need a little rest from it all, I wrote a story about driving with my mother, my son, and Rich Mullins.

Link is in my profile.
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  • Small child: Mummy, when you leave my room at night, I can't remember what your voice sounds like.

Me: Even when you can't see me, my voice still sounds like this...." I love you." Her: That *is* your voice! The love voice! Even in the dark! 😭
  • The advance reader copies of my new book started to land in the hands of readers and my heart is one part 💗💖💞❣ and one part 🤯😱🤮. This process of working on something for years in secret and then putting it out into the world is, well, it's A Whole Thing. 
P.S. The launch team for #ReasonableMiracles is 🔥🔥🔥.
  • Our last morning in the prairies, we decided at the last minute to swim in Last Mountain Lake together and visit the cottage where I spent so many happy days with family as a kid. Listen, I have never been in colder water - and I swim in glacier water - but it was so worth it. 😱 We laughed ourselves silly. So many memories, so grateful for time with our extended family, and all of our time together just us two as she heads into her teen years. No better way to launch than with a strong connection to the people and places who love us. Now to go back to real life...
  • Mac the Moose is missing his antlers because someone dared to challenge the tallest moose claim of Moose Jaw (the audacity!) so a new set is underway to teach the upstarts a lesson but he is still looking good. Thanks for a lovely weekend Moose Jaw...onward to Weyburn!


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