Field Notes is my free monthly e-newsletter. Well, truthfully it might actually be more of an e-magazine at this point.

Each month on the 20th, Field Notes subscribers receive a personal not-available-anywhere-else exclusive essay from me as well as links to all of my writing or podcasting over the past month, the secret monthly “Five Good Things” feature with 5 inspiring or funny or fierce or lovely things I am into at the moment, the occasional giveaway, links I wanted to share, a monthly “Women Worth Following” feature, and other fun things. It’s basically a full month’s worth of old-fashioned blogging in one email.

Field Notes has become one of my favourite ways to connect with you and I genuinely enjoy putting it together for you every month. I think it’s pretty special but you don’t have to believe me… here’s what subscribers have to say:

“My friends and I always look forward to seeing Field Notes pop up in our inbox. My favourite text message I get each month is, “Sarah Bessey. Inbox. NOW.”

“Getting it in my inbox is like opening the best surprise package each month. I love that it’s not just repeat blog/social media material, but is a true standalone set of word-centric goodies. I love how you merge the sublime with the silly (fun links and GIFs!) and I love your book recommendations.”

“When I get your email, I save it for a free moment, grab a cup of tea, settle in and read and bookmark your suggestions and recommendations. It’s the highlight of my weekend.”

“This is the only email newsletter I read on the regular!”

“I appreciate your mix of deep soul-searching wisdom and funny.”

“It touches my heart and makes me laugh and cry every. single. time.”

“Reading Field Notes feels like we are sitting down together for a cup of coffee.”

“The 20th is my favourite morning to wake up!”

“I savour your Field Notes each month – love how it’s packed with so much!”

“My only complaint is that I wish it came more often.”

I know we’re all busy and so I don’t want this email to be just “one more thing” in your email inbox so instead Field Notes is more like a newsy note from a friend, as well as a blessing and an encouragement to you. It’s an email to savour over an evening read. It’s always too long and too full of good links, too.

We also have a Field Notes Book Club just for subscribers. We’re currently on a 12-month reading journey focused on spiritual formation.

After you submit this form, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Just click on that link when it lands in your inbox and you’ll be all set and ready to go.

Make sure you add my email address to your “trusted” list – otherwise this email might end up in your spam folder every time it goes out.

Once you have subscribed to Field Notes, you’ll also be given access to the entire archive of e-newsletters. That’s a lot of content!

See you on the 20th,

P.S. If you’re interested in sponsoring an edition of Field Notes, please email me at for the media kit.

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