To celebrate the release of my new book, Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith, I’m so pleased to offer you these FREE printables! Just click on them to find the high-res PDF for printing. You can download it to print at home or you could use a service like for even higher quality.

Let Me Abide in Love Printable -SarahBessey GOD is HERE - Sarah Bessey Set Out Pilgrim Print - Sarah Bessey SOMEWHERES Printable - Sarah Bessey

These printables are FREE for you to download and to print. Just click on the image to access the PDFs of a High-Res version.

They are NOT for anyone’s commercial uses so please do not download them, print them, and try to sell them yourself – big no-no.

All copyrights are retained.

Big thank you to Taylor Rauschkolb of Brave Little Taylor for her artistry!