In which it’s Jesus Feminist Book Club Week!

In the back of my little yellow book, there are discussion questions. They are meant for small group discussions or perhaps your own journalling, but I wanted to make a bit of room on the blog for each of us to respond to them, too.

Okay, so really I wanted an excuse to give away books and introduce you to a few of the writers I’m loving these days.

I also wanted to encourage those of you who enjoyed the book to work through the discussion questions within your own churches or communities and friends.

book club

Every day this week, we’ll tackle one of the discussion questions as a community. I’ve already read the answers from the contributors and let me tell you – they are seriously so good. I wanted to stand on my table and cheer. I cannot wait for you guys to read these, you’ll love them.

You’ll hear from Sarah Schwartz, Osheta Moore, Tamara Rice, Zach Hoag, Jerusalem Greer, and Amena Brown.

I know, right? An amazing group. You won’t want to miss a day.

Then, we can all weigh in with our response to the day’s question in the comment section. Even if you haven’t read the book, feel free to jump in with your response to the day’s question. Your opinion, your story, your perspective, your response is welcome.

Every day, one random commenter’s response will win a free signed copy of the little yellow book.

The Jesus Feminist Book Club will kick off tomorrow with Sarah Schwartz’s answer to a discussion question within Chapter 1 about whether or not it’s radical for women to be considered people, too.

See you back here tomorrow!

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