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Publishing & Writing

For publishing or related inquiries, please contact my agent, Rachelle Gardner at Books & Such Literary Agency.

Events & Bookings

For events and bookings related inquiries, please contact Jim Chaffee at Chaffee Management or at (615) 300-9699.

Jesus Feminist Press and Media

For interviews or appearances related to my book, please contact Bonnie Macisaac at

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Field Notes is my free quarterly-ish e-newsletter. It features exclusive content not found on the blog or anywhere else. In fact, announcements or big news will hit email subscribers first. Field Notes also includes contests, giveaways, book recommendations, freebies, the best-of my work over the past month, and other fun features of bloggers, writers, news, and more. Sign up here!

Book Reviews or PR Requests

I do occasionally review books but I’m no longer accepting unsolicited book reviews or PR requests. It’s more out of guilt for the towering stack of unreviewed books sitting beside me right now than anything else.

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Get in Touch

I’m on maternity leave at the moment which means that my response time on email is pretty terrible. But you can email me at – just be prepared to wait for a response, I’m afraid.

I do ask for your grace and understanding when it comes to replies – some weeks or seasons are busier than others, but I promise I read every single word, even if a reply is shorter in length or longer in arriving than I’d prefer. Thank you.

I cannot respond to PR pitches at this time. I’m not accepting unsolicited book reviews.


Where did you get your glasses?

They’re Derek Cardigan frames in brown tortoiseshell and I got them at Clearly Contacts.

Why do you start all of your posts with “In which….”?

Because I’m terrible at titles. Years ago, when I started blogging in the dark ages, I started using the phrase “In which” to start my posts simply because I was crap at making up titles. I was inspired by A.A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh books. Eventually I stopped.

Why does the feed for your site say “emerging mummy” on it?

Emerging Mummy was the original name of this blog and so you see that title crop up now and then in the tech side of things. Don’t worry – it’s still me.