Hi there, luv. I’m Sarah, and this is where I write my life out.

And yes, life is very full here on the west coast of Canada. Picture me here, standing outside, in the free and fresh and wild air. I’m the one banging pots and pans, hollering that there is more room for everyone, there is more room, there is room for you. This is my fresh air.

I wrote a book called Out of Sorts (Howard Books 2015) and it’s about making peace with an evolving faith. It’s my way of leaving the light on for the ones who are wandering and wondering in their faith or spiritual journey. If you feel a bit out of sorts, a bit like you’re caught between who you once were but you’re not quite sure where you’re headed yet, then it’s the book that will give you permission to lean into that pain, to explore your questions, to learn you’re not alone. And it will hopefully remind you that you are deeply loved. I believe that if our theology doesn’t shift and change over our lifetimes, it means that we’re not paying attention.

I also wrote a little yellow book called Jesus Feminist (Howard Books) a couple of years ago. It’s not really a book about Christian feminist theory. I see it as a book about the Kingdom of God, and what life looks like when you live into the “other side” of so many of our missing-the-point gender debates in the Church.

I am one of those happy-clappy Jesus followers with stars in her eyes. I’m a Kingdom of God focused woman, postmodern, liberal to the conservative and conservative to the liberal in matters of both religion and politics (not an easy task, I assure you), a social justice wanna-be trying to do some good, and a nondenominational charismatic recovering know-it-all who has unexpectedly fallen back in love with the Church.

For those of you who are into this sort of thing: I’m an INFJ and an Enneagram 9.

I write about the intersections of a spirit-filled life: About my own faith and spirituality, about what love looks like for us, the sacredness of an ordinary life after an exhausting evangelical hero complex, my mothering, ecclesiology, theology, women’s issues, social justice, my own struggling journey, politics, and, well, pretty much everything else that you are not supposed to discuss in polite company.

I call this alchemy “narrative theology” because I’m usually just wanting to write what I think and experience about God and the best way I know how to do that is through story-telling. Among other awards over the past twelve years of blogging (although not all of the archives are available any longer), I’ve won the Canadian Weblog Best Religion/Spirituality blog in 2012 and 2011 and this space is consistently ranked as one of the top Christian blogs.

I write about my family: About the past 15 years with my husband, Brian, who is from America’s heartland. He’s a former pastor now turned businessman which is a Whole Other Thing we could talk about. About our tinies: Anne, Joseph, Evelynn Joan, and Margaret Love. Few things have awakened me to the nature and character of God like mothering all these tinies. And few things have made me so tired at the end of the day.

I speak and preach all over the place about all of the above – and fair warning for when you meet me in person: I’m a total hugger.

I serve on the board of directors for Help One Now, a catalytic tribe committed to empowering and resourcing high-capacity local leaders who care for orphans and vulnerable children in order to transform communities and break the cycle of extreme poverty. We work in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Ethiopia, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I believe in the restorative benefits of drinking tea, reading books, British television especially Doctor Who and Call the Midwife, long walks away from civilization, rainy days, knitting, and the legitimacy of popcorn for supper.

When I’m not penning chapters for books or blogging my heart out here, my work has also appeared in Huffington Post, The High Calling, Conversations Journal, ChurchLeaders.com, Her.meneutics – Christianity Today’s Blog for Women, Converge Magazine, SheLoves Magazine, Relevant Magazine, Today’s Christian Woman, and a handful of other places. I’ve been mentioned everywhere from The Atlantic to Slate, The Christian Post to The National Post to The Washington Post. (That’s a lot of “Posts” even for a postmodern Gen-X kid.)

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Take a deep breath, settle down here for a while.

There is room for you here.